Who would be the most appropriate

I’m kind of new to all this, and I was wondering who I should evoke to win a “lottery”, it’s not a lottery where you win money or goods. I don’t really want to go into details but I want to win this lottery, like I said I wouldn’t win money or tangible goods (think of it as a uni entrance interview, although it’s not really, it’s just a poor analogy), the drawing for the lottery is done informatically so maybe that changes things?

Thank you so much

Without knowing the specifics it is hard to recommend anyone.

For example, if it really was for school, I’d recommend King Paimon.

If it was for money, there is a hundred wealth spirits that could help.

Magick works by manipulating variables and probability. If we don’t know what variables you want to manipulate, the only recommendation we can make would be general spirits like Azazel, Belial or Lucifer.

What if it was for an opportunity to live legally in another country?

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Thank you

If you’re looking for a green card, having the genius locii of the entirety of the country on your side would help, as well as spirits ruling over the country.

Just look at a map of the country and call on what’s behind it.