Transmutation in Your Foods

I have been curious as to how I could make less quality food into better quality food.
I am not talking about making a sports bar heal because they’re nothing but junk food.
I am talk about changing the quality of the average food and water.
For example
Last year Clauneck gave me a phrase that made my very revolting tap water taste like filtered water.

“Kias Kama Kunt Im Kamba
Kias Kama Kum Baka”

This actually worked for Me before I entered My Body / Vessel.

I have been studying alchemy and transmutations with Belial and niw focused attention of poisons with Bel Zebulon.
This is what I received.
Krran’na shi it will work.

Words are:

Clarifies Chemie
Vor esh Ni ezzi Ne
Ali Ash Ne’utush Ne.

i’evela Tus Niama
Aya ka Numai iss.

Ai’evek Nas Ama
Vae’ee La.



Wrote it down so I can try those phrases on fruits and meat.


I wonder if there’s a way to filter that scummy fluoride in tapwater that blocks your third eye, using magic.


Claunecks word’s seems to work.
But i still filter or buy it.

Make sure you draw up power through your hands first.

Am also experimenting.


Seems very useful. Are the sigils to be used together or am I reading it like this:
first sigil +

transmutes heavy metals to healthy

second sigil +

removes poison from food and water

third sigil +

clarifies chemicals


Beautiful project.



This is so interesting. I’ve never even thought about attempting to upgrade my food and beverages in any way. Gears are turning now.

What do you mean by this? Are you referring to before your soul incarnated into your current body?

And what worked for you before? Did you use this phrase in a past life? Very curious.


So you’re saying these chants change the taste of food ?


Every Sound, music, mantra, enn change the food or water. There are lots of researches about it and even very legit researches with tangent evidence of it


Yes. @Single_Seed_In_Hell Before My Emergence or Self Actualisation.

The water magick from Clauneck.

I did it on My YT… hehehe :wink:
I used My daughter (she was 15 at the time)
As a “guinea pig”
And She has no issues telling Me if something works ir not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yes. There has been a difference.
Its still a work in progress but the information is directly channelled.

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Yup. I already knew this to be true. Years ago I watched this docudrama called “What the Bleep Do We Know” and there was this segment about blessing and cursing the water molecules and how it could be made more healthy and harmonizing by sound alone.

I just put the whole concept outside of my mind until now. Glad to be reminded.


Off to go research this Clauneck person.


I incorporate Belial’s Black Alchemy into food sometimes. I just cast the effect I want into the food and when it’s eaten it merges the effect I want with the target’s DNA. I was thinking about making a tutorial and posting it here but i’m not sure.


So how often do you use this on targets, as opposed to just infusing the food for yourself?

Umm yes please? :sweat_smile:


I mainly use it on myself, but i’ve used it to heal and for baneful works. It’s like putting your heart into your food but taken to hyperbolic levels.

It’ll take me a bit. I already have a dish in mind for it. I also have a target, myself. Lately i’ve been feeling a little ill, so imma use it to heal myself.


Years ago when I still ate meat I did something like this. I searched for all (edible) attributes of Mercurius and marinated a steak with that. Asked Raphael to bless it and then barbecued and ate it.


It’s not a physical element. It’s from your own power.


Place hans over the food - thesr ate nit all “fresh vegies”
Pull power through your hands and recite
The magick

This is how it feels after you have done it


Experiment with this.
I found it more effective when you cycle higher Vibrational frequencies through your mind then into your body on a regular basis. This will enhance your ability and energetic power flowing.

So I m bump my own thread :muscle::rofl:. Lol.
Because it seems to be effective.

Also discovered that all I need to do is to visual the first Sigil given above and focus My Will on upping the original benefits of the food item.

I made my own chicken stock. Then beef stock. Then a Vietnamese Spice soup mix “Pho soup” which is mostly spices and woods.
All are separate cooked and sieved very thoroughly and ice tray frozen then packaged. Simple.
My goal when I get some portions of each out of the freezer.
I energize what is defrost (haaa again).

So focus on the higher properties within the items… Like Collagen et c pour your power into it.

See its a $$$ saver better than buying collagen to restore skin and hair and whatever.

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