Transmutation in Your Foods

Hiya OP! Food transmutation is a very useful aspect of magical praxis. This can be done through ritual preparation of the things to be consumed, such as mindful cooking and consecrated tools and ingredients, and/or done after it has been prepared by infusing the nourishment with vital force at the molecular level. You can combine both approaches for a high amount of charge being carried over into your systems! IME, water shows the most differentiation after being reconfigured with magical energy, sometimes even changing color! :slight_smile:


Here is my update
To enhance Water Vibrations.

With this chant you can besides raising the frequency of the water but seal its altered energies to the higher vibration.

Ayer Sekar Ümbriah Sekar.



Hello, I am eager to learn more about transmutation of foods and water. Dropping down the saying “We are what we eat” :smile:

I’ll be using this from now with my water I drink… :thinking:

I can channel energies into the food I eat but… what should be my intentions I’ve been thinking…
Im working on muscle growth atm, I wonder if I could do something for aiding me on adding muscles and strengths… Also I wonder if such energy could be channeled personally or with sigils into the food/water to empower the energetic self? Either as generally more energy, or improvement towards heightened spiritual abilities :thinking: :thinking: Lots of curious question on what I could do~ Please provide me your thoughts and suggestions :smiley:


I recommend trying my technique. It’s an alchemical process that changes the DNA and RNA so muscle growth and strength is definitely possible with it.


And what is that exactly?

I energetically charge mine

And if icook it it is specific

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I have a post explaining it.