I had a friend of my, he’s not piticularly magical, he had meet a co-worker of his wife, and she gave off this vibe that made him feel as though he needed to attack her, and quickly left.

Later at his home he was struck by green lightning from a bathroom mirror, it lit up the whole house.

Thank you.
be blessed

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What chapters and verses? It’s was most likely his thought form doing this to him but I wonder what the scriptures are.

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Possibly JCI entities attacking him. Weirdly enough, that’s a good sign, it means he has power that is adversarial to their cult.

Be super careful, and act to protect him. He’s in danger.

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Thanks, he is also in las vegas, as where I am in florida

Do work with him remotely. Most of us are remote physically, that’s not a problem.

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as where I sm not, I wish I was

What do you need to do with him anyway?

I think he needs to set up some wards and build up some fortitude. Random adversaries shouldn’t be a big deal. Feeling something as uber-important just means you’re sensitive to it - whether it’s actually important is a different issue.

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Thanks, well he just found out I’m part of the occult, and is shock. well I would have been too, 2 months ago. I Will try to put him on the right path

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He’s luck, he’s not active at all: feels presents and see and hears spirits.
me: study, meditate, and trys spells: feels, sees, and hears nothing.