Translation of Sat Nam

A couple of years ago I read somewhere (I don’t remember exactly where) that the name Satan could be interpreted as coming from the Sanskrit. I may very well remember this incorrectly, but I believe the person making the statement said that it would mean something like ‘without boundaries’.

I now was thinking about the name Sat Nam and what it meant. A search online brought me to a yoga website where it said the name could be translated as ‘I am truth’. I went to an online Sanskrit dictionary and wasn’t really able to translate it.

Than I was pointed to the Hindi language. There I found the following translations:

Sat(ta) : Power

Na(a)m : Name

An : Knowledge

So according to this (online resource…), SatAn is the Power of Knowledge (or Knowledge of Power?), and Sat Nam is the Power of the Name (or the Name of Power?)

Makes sense to me.

  • I just searched the forum for Sat Nam and this post
    My Fleshless Body
    gives anther meaning for the name, though I think it can be stretched to have a similar interpretation.

Lol, not bad. CAN BE !!! SAT NAM also means 'True Name ’ or ‘Eternal One’


If referring to hinduism, Satnam comes from sacred Sikh scriptures.
The complete text is " Satnam Wahe Guru".
Satnam is referred to God , as the Name of God is True and Everlasting.


Interesting, thank you. Could you perhaps also give an interpretation of Sat An?

Satan, in sanskrit refers to ‘Truth’.

It’s quiet appropriate in this world. The ‘truth’ will set you free.

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You are unable to find the exact word and their meanings in Sanskrit because the word “Satan” is not of Sanskrit origin.
Please do not go by anything published on the internet.
I am in a position to tell you this because i am from the country of origin and have studied the language to an extend.

Sanskrit does have the word “Sat”, which in easy terms can be diluted to the word " Satya" Or " Satva" meaning “truth”.

One another word, which is commonly misunderstood is " Sanatana", this refers to a practice which propogates that the soul is where the god resides, this is more on cosmic and universal level.

For understanding hinduism, the one only book which clearly defines it is “Bhagwat Gita”
For understanding Shiva, its “Shiva Purana”
And there are many more…

Sikhism propogates the teaching of their 11 gurus or leaders. The book is " Guru Granth Sahib"

Hope the info helps.
Please feel free to ask if you have anything else on your mind.


Hi @Kritz

Thank you very much for responding!

I don’t take my internet search results as set in stone, but as food for thought.

I know that the name Satan is said to be not a name, but to come from the Semetic word ‘shaytan’.

But because your translation of satnam appeared to me as agreeable with what I found for Sat Nam, I felt it appropriate to ask you for a translation of Sat An (not Satan but Sat An).

Since I was able to find a meaning for An in Hindi, I was hoping you could shed some light on it.

Thank you.
The ‘truth’ I suppose is the Sat part. I was wondering about the An.

to Me,

Satan (associated with Saturn) meant something like “obstacle”. everyone has his own Satan.

He is someone who incites him to do bad things, a bad habit, an addiction, anything he should overcome.

But then there also is THE Satan, Ha-Satan.

6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires.

The earth is tilted 23,4 degrees, or if you count from the other direction 66.6 degrees. Life on this planet

is made of carbon, the 6th element, with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.

6 directions in the material realm, north, south, west, east, up and down, 6 sides of the cubes.

Think about how molecules and ice crystals form in hexagonal shapes.

Saturn being the 6th planet with the hexagon on its northpole). 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires; pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan.

The black cube of satan is a symbol for this material, 3 dimensional realm, and the time we fear is running out, which will let us die,

and which causes us to do harm to others in order to lead a better life ourself.

by this the black cube also symbolizes time and death without either we wouldnt have these

earthly desires causing us to do evil.

The 666 could also stand for the dimensions of the cube,

6x6x6, entrapping us in the 6, our weakness and temptations.

When people worship satan, they often worship the material plane.

they worship the materialistic egoistic desires, and themselves.


I’m not proficient in Sanskrit, however, I did ask someone who is a while back.

In the literal translation, ‘Satan’ is more ghost than anything else. However, this person mentioned that in Sanskrit, there is a lot of assumed meaning as well. In that way, Satan is considered ‘truth’. A lot of the meaning is lost during the translation process.

‘Sat’ by itself is not truth, that would have to be Sathya.

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From a Grandmaster of Fraternitas Saturni:

The term “BAPHOMAE” was introduced by me (Walter Jantschick) and I understand it as

follows: the “True Self” of BAPHOMET.

It - BAPHOMAE - is the primordial cosmic substance, which has

always existed and always will exist. It is the indefinable essence

that continually creates new universes and etherealizes universes.

It stands behind the AIN SOPH AUR of the kabbalistic tree of life.

To the initiate, BAPHOMAE is visible through the visible universe

in ALL. Through the visible universe, BAPHOMAE is expressed in its

lowest octave. The visible universe serves as a medium through

which BAPHOMAE can be revealed to its devotees.

BAPHOMAE speaks through the physical matrix to its children and

novices. But these visible sectors of the cosmos are only one tenth

of the true nature of this incomprehensible being. In order to

understand and grasp BAPHOMAE correctly, we must magically-gnosticly

transcend visible matter to attain the first steps and initiation

stations. BAPHOMAE embodies the female aspect and consequently the

purely diabolic-gnostic path of Baphomet.

We devotees and worshippers of the BAPHOMET-PRINCIPLE describe

BAPHOMAE as the COSMIC WOMB (UTERUS), which is the originator of

BAPHOMAEIC SEXUALITY. For without sexuality there is no universe

and no humankind.

BAPHOMETIC SEXUALITY is an elemental force and archaic energy of

terrific animalistic energetics and dynamics, which can be controlled

and directed only by the higher adepts of the “INNER BAPHOM”.


Well, I had to first make a fool of myself before grabbing HPB’s Secret Doctrine from the shelf.

In part I

on page 129: SAT = Truth

on page 556: SAT = Being

In part II

on page 58: SAT = Universal Soul

on page 449: SAT = the unchangeable, always present, eternal root, always becoming

She doesn’t mention Nam in the index, or An.

In part I

on page 148 & 357: ANU = Atom in Sanskrit

In translating the word Anupapadaka, G. de Purucker writes that ‘an’ is a denying prefix (like in lots of other languages) which seems weird when ‘Anu’ is a term in Sanskrit. Oh well…

Sorry for polluting the forum, I’ll return to some contemplation now :thinking:

@Whitehowlite I’m currently reading (beside a dozen other books) Exorial