My Fleshless Body

I was debating whether to post this in ‘‘General Discussions’’,’‘Soul Travel’’,or in ‘‘white magic’’ for some reason.But I put it here.

In EA Koetting’s book,Questing After Vision,there is an excellent meditation for cleansing,opening,energizing and balancing one’s chakras.Now,I have had a very hard time learning all of my chakras,and a very hard time working with this all.

Which is to say,I’m not much of a Soul Traveler or mystic,or Kaulachara.I am,however,downright fascinated by the path,and I am a very good evocator.

So I did what I knew and called out to Ganesha,the opener of paths,the clearer of blockages,and guardian of the crossroads.I gave him an offering.And I told him I wanted to improve myself,that i was having some issues,with myself,and that I thought that doing some chakra work would help me improve myself and the world around me indirectly.

Ganesha said I had all I needed,and that he’d help guide me.He told me to read the books and other websites and then,just jump into it all.I did as he instructed and went into this with an open mind.

What I’ll do when performing any ritual,for any purpose,is that I’ll enter it with the operations I read in books,and as soon as I apply them,my intuition would guide me to whole other movements,incantations etc.

At the end of the day,I end up not even performing the ritual as intended but gaining results from it all,because I did it in my own way.I get results,and it’s great.

The first thing I did were the yoga exercises from Ipsissimus.I dropped into a TGS,and then used pranayama to collect energy,and release it.I started in Adho Mukha Svanasana or downwards facing dog or the pyramid.

I could feel a lot of tension gathering in Muladhara, Svadhishthana ,and Manipura.A lot of it was heated and ran from those areas into my hands,until I threw it down into the ground below.It was so overwhelming.

Then,I did Urdvha Mukha Svanasana or Upwards Facing Dog,or the Cobra,and pulled light from the eternal into my Ajna.I enjoyed this,it was very relaxing.

And then,the samurai,also from Ipsissimus,which enabled me to alter things in my life,and do empower myself.And when I was done the meditating started.

So,I loosened up and fell into a TGS almost instantly.At this point it’s not that hard.I visualized a light above me,and charged it as a gateway to Source,after which I pulled the light of source into my Sahasrara chakra.

I could feel it unfolding,like the hairs on the top of my head were being ignited and then washed out with water…made of light.If that made any sense.

So I dragged it below,making sure to control the flow of energy with pranayama,and simply breathe correctly.That’s the focus of everything for me.I also made sure that in EVERY chakra,I transferred the entirety of my consciousness into them,and focused on them alone.

When it reached my Ajna Chakra,I decided to put a bit of the Ajna meditation EA has in his video(not the one from Ipsissimus,mind you),so I simply felt the pressure there,and let it happen.

I vibrated ‘‘AH’’ when it was done,and I could feel the two sides of it parting,opening before me.I said I would return to this when I was climbing back up.

I went to Vishudda,and one thing I’ve got to say is that I’ve been suffering from some sort of odd cough for years.Doctors haven’t had luck in curing it,as it seems entirely faked,making it seem like a psychological thing,but in the end,the irritation is very real and physiological.So that was triggered,as I began to cough.

When that was done,though,my whole body was buzzing,as though I was moving with this meditation really well.I let it go,and something seemed to emanate from my throat,radiating.

And then came Anahata.This one,I could feel unraveling,and blood flowed,heartbeat raced.There was something very powerful,like a miniature sun in Anahata.I opened my eyes,and saw the world around me,as beautiful,and clear.I could see it wonderfully.

It buzzed,the whole room.However,I was in non-attachment.I really didn’t care.And it was so dark.In part,because I had pushed past the rapture,and in part because there was no light.

I went to Manipura,and when I did that,I could feel grumbling.And then,burning.Something in my stomach was burning.And there was a lot of discord.I did notice when I dragged a pendulum across my body,that Muladhara,and Manipura were the most problematic.

I let that affect the world around me,which felt hot and unbearable,before that settled.

I then went to Svadhishthana and this feeling of warmth and security came naturally.The chakra awakened in no time.

Finally,Muladhara.I put my consciousness into it,and physiological reactions happened.The kind that I quickly tried to silence.But then I let that devour my mind,distract me from the meditation and then,let go.

I didn’t feel it anymore,and I simply went below Muladhara.Below Muladhara,I found myself spilling all this wasteful energy,releasing it all downwards,and funneling it down below.I was draining myself and when it was done,then I remembered to vibrate:

‘‘Sohung Akaal’’,Sanskrit for ‘‘immortality of the soul’’.I repeated that,many times.And then repeated ‘‘Sat Nam’’,which means True Self.I vibrated to Sat Nam,several times.

I called out to Ganesha,with the mantral ‘‘Aum Gam Ganapatayeh Namah’’,but then I started repeating the three syllables of his name,in a rhythmic song,Ga-Ne-Sha…and I could feel the blockages clearing all over my body.

And then,I was climbing back up.At Muladhara,I felt the same energy gathering,but this time more tempered,and controllable.I vibrated ‘‘LAM’’ when I thought that was enough spinning.

I then climbed one chakra up,radiated the same energy of warmth and protection,and when I felt that was enough vibrated ‘‘VAM’’.

I climbed up to Manipura,and then I could feel the stirring and destructive emotions,but then I decided to call on Agni through the mantra:’‘Agni Tanno Pracodayat’’,even though the meditation in the book said to do that at Ajna.

After that,the fire seemed to grow,but it wasn’t there to burn…it was there to cleanse.So I simply vibrated:’‘RAM’’,deeming it had spinned enough and climbed up to Anahata.

At Anahata,I got the spin back up easily.When I was a kid,I did a bunch of stuff with the Heart Chakra,like go to my ‘‘happy place’’ and invoke protection and all kinds of solar stuff,so this came naturally.

I called out to my personal daeva:’‘Ishta Devata’’,and when she didn’t answer,I continued,until I could feel an intelligence gathering before me.Eventually,I could see the Daeva with both my eyes and I used my breath to pull her into myself.

When I was convinced we connected,I vibrated:’‘YAM’’,thus fully unlocking the potency of the heart.

The entire room shifted again,to it’s old happy light-tonned self.Beautiful.

I then put all my focus back into Vishuddha,and pushed my light into it.It eventually began to resonate,as does my voice,into the air.I then called out to Parashiva,the absolute beyond human comprehension.

After vibrating Pa-Ra-Shi-Va,I could feel it,and then simply pulled it into myself via breath.I then vibrated:’‘HAM’’,sealing it in,and ensuring prosperity for my Vishuddha.My cough returned to confirm it.

Now,the Ajna chakra.The all-too famous chakra of power.I focused onto it,as I did before,and felt it.As the light flooded the Ajna chakra,the tension stopped,and the Ze’al chakra activated.

But having ze’al grounding the Ajna wasn’t where it stopped.I was at peace,at balance.I embraced it,through pranayama.I breathed more and more,and felt calm.

Then,I could see light,and before I knew it,colors were swirling at the back of my eyelids.I focused at the nothingness,at the core of the color circuit,and I continued to gaze with detachment.At this point,detachment came naturally,after all of this.

I then opened my eyes,only to realize my eyes were open this whole time!And then I continued to gaze at the light that spread,and the indigo energy that evaporated everywhere.I imagined myself,and flooded the effigy with light.

I felt the light in me,and then simply called out:’‘Sat Nam’’,and ‘‘AH’’.I also made some alterations by adding a hint of the Ajna meditation from Ipsissimus.

I continued this meditation,even looking out into nothingness,and then,finally,my Ajna was at it’s full power…I think.

Then,I transferred my consciousness back into Sahasrara,and vibrated:’‘AUM’’,eight times,releasing anything there,and enabling that side of myself to fully connect with this one.

When I deemed my entire energetic body charged,I was already moving,I realized.So I vibrated some other bija mantras,like ‘‘UHL’’ to help me connect with the world among others.

I opened my eyes,and noticed I could see in the dark,the world was awesome.

I repeated this today,and for the past two days,things have been lining up to be better and better.I’ve also learned to appreciate stuff,and I hope that as I continue to do this,things never stop getting better.

Some negative stuff happened too,but the big thing is that I wasn’t nearly as bothered by it.I simply saw myself as empowered.

I won’t report anymore on the effects that this meditation has had on me.I’ve been performing it late at night,and once in the afternoon.I will tell everyone more on this experience after I’ve been doing this for a week.


So, how has everything been progressing?