Transfiguration is changing one object into another, turning water into wine, if that is possible, would it be possible to turn water into Antimatter, which is a form of anti hydrogen, water contains elements of hydrogen, if it is possible, since we are all become Gods wouldn’t creation be one of the abilities we all should aquire, if each and eveyone learn to be able to do it, eg. People who smoke pot, materialize a pound of dope to smoke, materialize a amulet like the counter creation amulet, creating something out of pure energy would create a item more powerful because it was forged out of magic and more pure, because it was made from human hands, i think we all have the gift, we all have to know how to use it, if cannot forge antimatter out of water, i think the way to forge a material item out of pure energy by materializing eg. counter creation amulet is use clairaudiance to scan the cosmos for traces of antimatter, and visualize what you want as real as can be and try and bombard it with matter and antimatter, the building blocks of material formation, i been experimenting with that, the results are quite catastrophic, i can get the look of the object into clear formation in my site infront of me in real appearance but the catalyst is enough the bombardment off matter and antimatter colliding to the seid item.:metal:


Been reading alot of topics let’s try something new Onto tryna turn water into beer :joy::joy::joy::joy::beers:

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At the very least, that has the potential to completely revolutionize technology by offering a viable new source of power.


To ascend high enough to learn to obtain a new ability, learn how to manipulate the elements, but not to take technology away, which man kind has accomplished, eg. computer hardware, lets say someone was able to do it, and say a thief has stolen a amulet, go and materialize another in real formation, something like that, if we are all going to become almighty Gods of the LHP, be a ability we all should learn. Using your mind.

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I think you’d also need to materialise a containment apparatus then, since antimatter is unstable and doesn’t exist in this universe except as a thought experiment. It would instantly decay back to matter, or possibly explode, nobody knows.

Maybe start with something simple, like turning lead into gold. At least you have most of the matter to hand to start with.

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You reslise that antimatter is inherently unstable right?
Matter and antimatter cancel each other out and disipates into radiation.
Antimatter is not a way to create something If anything its used to destroy.
Then on another more how come the first thing in your list of what ppl would create is weed? For someone who have left drugs behind him that is interesting(;
If one comes to the pol t that one can change any matter to another kind or simply conjure it up from thin air then i would think that creating talismans and weeds and whatever aint a worthy use of your time and power but thats only my guess.

From a point of actually create something it must be easier to start with something so like @Mulberry said start trying to change lead into gold thats a good time tested experiment, but to make it easier for you i advice on skipping lead and try to change platinum or mercury to gold insteed since they are closer in the periodic system that oughta be easier then lead.
Let us know when you made it so you can teach the rest of us then we can bring a total economical crisis to the world(;

One possible way is to change the polarity of the electrons and protons in each hydrogen and oxygen atom. You’ll get Anit-H2O. In other words Anti Matter. Collide this with regular matter and you will get cosmic ray energy. I’m not an expert in this field so I don’t know how much energy will be released but I’m getting its enough to get you killed unless you have something to contain or restrict the energy in.

Then to get a scoope of the work at hand to show the difficulty level. And for the fun of talking science.
5 sextillion atoms in a drop of water
So for all those atoms the polarity must be shifted instantly or else the normal matter will cancel out the produced antimatter.