Transferring consciousness from a future self to a past self

So I’ve been playing with the idea of transferring consciousness from present self to past self using a modified body swapping spell. The basic goal is to transfer consciousness and memories of the future from yourself in the present to your own past self, maybe 5 or 10 years in the past, and in essence reliving the previous several years with the memories and experiences you have obtained through living through those several years the first time. You would go to sleep in this “present” time and essentially wake up as if from a dream in the “past” present time with the memories of the “dream” seared into your memory in the “past”. If possible I would go back several years and relive the past in my own body and make the decisions I should have made back then that would lead me to when i want to be in the present.

It’s probably not as crazy or farfetched as transferring physical matter through time like bringing your body back with you, and probably would take less energy. And it would be your past body so maybe the new implant consciousness would not be rejected.

Thoughts or spells that could work in this manner would be appreciated! Thank you.


Its not crazy at all, though I warn you, you are going to need a fair deal of skill to make the most out of this idea. The reason for that is its not easy to bring memories into the brain it has not not gained naturally (if youve done work with past lives you know what I mean). That being said, I can definitely see benefits to this even for a more novice practitioner (the main worry their is they will be too inexperienced to notice the effects).

This is a complex topic and my best suggestion is to find a trustworthy spirit to guide you in the process.

Personally as someone who doesn’t believe the future is written in stone I do not believe a future self exists, atleast not far into the future, quite possibly a month or a few months depending on the choices you make that branch into consequences of those actions but other than that I find it a stretch given you may or may not live to see the next few years as far as you know.


I feel its a state of indeterminability. Divining or casting upon it can guide and focus it down though.

Unless I’ve misunderstood you then it sounds a lot like the revision technique, and/or implanting false memories. Which can be done, but would probably take a bit of practice and effort to do in one big burst (5-10 years’ worth). I.e. you’re not going to wake up in the year 2012. Not to say I don’t believe that’s possible, but imo it would be more like an extended astral projection session than actually travelling backwards in physical time.

But I tend to believe we get messages from our future selves with relative frequency, to a greater or lesser degree.

Yeah. Lets be clear about that. Youre probably best off all around just opening up conversation between you and your future self (well technically concurrent selves because all is now) and talking to them.

Lets just say this thread has made me reflect on my personal magickal mistakes when it comes to time lmao

Hmm. People sometimes lie about a topic so much, thst they develop memories and forget it’s a lie, and develop belief in the lie…


As long as you can think it, it can be done. Only limitation you would have is the limitation you place on yourself.

In NLP, the subconscious mind is talked as not being time bound, that is one can go back and forward in time. That is true through lots of experiments.

Have the thought, work on it. Through the process, you will know what can be achieved at this point in time with the knowledge and tools available.

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What I am talking about in this post is going back into the past. Not travelling further into the future. Switching consciousness with a past version of myself and travelling back in time that way.

Your future self has existed in the past. It is possible, but you will very likely go mad.

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