Transcendance Of The Zodiac - Group Working For All

Transcendance Of The Zodiac - Group working

I have a pretty awesome ritual that can help in the transcendance of the zodiac and even the chakras and i thought of making a group working for all who are interested in that,but first lets learn the benefits and what it means what it is transcend them.

The Zodiac

think of the zodiac being emenations of light that of ahura mazda,being forces of limitations and order this needs to explaination if you had read the signs and what they mean.


We will use the powers of acasual darkness and that of the qlippoth being the adversarial forces of chaos that will devour you and reborn you as a more acasual being,its important to understand that the zodiac is much more connected to you ,when i learned this it shocked the hell out of me,as for i myself thought that the zodiac is pretty much senseless bullshit.

Using the power of thaumiel we will be iniatated to the acasual forces of darkness,you will gain a new sort of spark within from those acasual that will expand your magical power far from you thought imaginable.

PM or Comment Below if you want to be added,the date of the ritual is on 15 September at 11 PM (GMT+3).



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Add please. Thanks for organizing it :+1:

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This gives me ideas for something to do when I’m done with my angelic operation… pathworking through the Zodiac… That said, I’m not sure if my path will lead that way.

In any case, good luck with this.

Add please. Thanks!

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Hi @Xag_darklight… Has the group already been created ?? Is this work still valid ??

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There is no group. I think all the work is on this thread

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Hi add me please, thankyou!

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Starts this Sunday right?



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