Trance Entity?


a few months ago i wanted to go into trance and when closed my eyes i suddenly was in a big white room of nothing but a long hallway leading to a staircase together with two entities.
Both male figures, didnt pay much attention to one of them.
The one i was paying attention to had white long hair light skin and looked like he was in his 40s. I got pulled into trance really fast and stopped feeling my body and anything really. Its like he snipped his fingers and boom I was in trance

He walked me up the staircase and we talked about something, sadly dont remember what it was since this was a few months ago. I asked for their name tho and they told me something along the lines of “Kathiel, Kaliuth” idk i am not sure really.

I havent found anything on that name though…

It clearly wasnt a dream though. Couldve just
been my imagination too, I dont know really.
Just feels like its important to my practices. Its a feeling. I tend to give trust into my feelings.

So my question would be do you know how I could find out who it is?
or do you have an idea who it could be or any similar experiences or something like that?

Also If its an entity id like to meet them again of course.

Thank you all.


Can you call the image to mind again and see if the entity comes?

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When you get randomness in trance, it’s coming from the same place as dreams and usually means something either personal to you, like memories of things you were exposed to, problem solving or symbolic representations of things on your mind.

If you control the trance, ask questions and follow a plan to do something, like call an entity, view something, then it’s worth trusting the info as being external.

Since these figures were not there to interact with you, it’s probably safe to ignore them. If you want to try to figure out who they are, then ask them in trance by going back in, revisualising the scene and going up to them and engaging. Be careful of picking up parasites and cleanse your space afterwards for good measure.


I am not sure since it’s been a while, so sadly my memory is a bit blurry. But I think it happened because I wanted to get into a deeper state and I did have a conversation with that …dreamfigure or entity.
I have been in trance often and I know the viduals I go through but this was different to me. I am not sure though.

I will go back into trance and see if it was anything or not.
Thank you a lot Mulberry :slight_smile:

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Will try this out later, thanks! will report back then.