Towards Eternity: incinerating my old self

This morning I tested out the mind of Christ mantra and spent about 15 minutes manifesting a desired outcome. It manifested several hours later, I’m surprised by my own power. Repeating the mind of Christ mantra gave the session a powerful sense of solidity.

I also got a set of norse runes and have given some practice readings to other people.

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This entry is dedicated to subliminals, and my new hypotheses on them.


About two months ago I asked my higher self for advice on making subliminals. They told me succinctly “Less is more “. Unfortunately I decided to ignore this communication. I’ve had several friends confirm they received similar advice on making subs from their guides. I’ve decided to change my approach to subliminals again. My clairsenses sub is returning to my playlist.

Also, I learned that YouTube subliminals are much less likely to work. YouTube forces all uploads to the mp3. Out of all the file formats for audio, mp3 is the most lossy, and it’s algorithm attempts to scrub subliminals and frequencies from tracks. This explains why there is a huge difference between Absolute Power Subliminals’ YouTube videos and the audios from their Patreon.

I’m thankful I didn’t really listen too many subs on YouTube.

Why is simple better? likely because the subconscious doesn’t need to be told something 17 septillion times, which is the rate the Concordia plays affirmations at supposedly. You can get faster results from detachment, only listening like 15 minutes a day and assuming the state of the wish fulfilled.

On that note, my friend who channeled the mantras has been using me as a guinea pig for ambience tracks and subliminals they’ve made. They are remaking the Concordia Booster and some other subs to make them more efficient. The ambience tracks use gematria and binaurals.

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This entry is going to discuss my work on developing psychic senses.

I did V.K Jehannum’s ritual to invoke Raziel this morning, it went pretty well. I asked him to help me overcome limitations to my psychic senses. I then communicated with him a bit. I received the impression that it would be beneficial to work on the third eye. Also I felt like he wanted me to focus on expanding my senses past their normal range. This has been recommended to me before. Raziel told me to invoke him several times more.

My third eye is actually my least active chakra. My lower chakras activate rapidly whenever I focus on them, but the third eye and crown seem to lack energy. I had a reading on the forum on this subject and was told that a chakra could need energy. I don’t consider chakras necessary to develop the psychic senses, but they can help.

Once I get some movement with my third eye I want to experiment with chakras outside the body.

I understand the importance of expanding senses beyond the psychic filter. Often when I meditate I notice stuff in the corner of my eyes, where it’s easier to see into the astral.

I am considering asking Lilith for a succubus familiar. I’m not that interested in the sexuality aspect of them but I believe they could be helpful in developing my senses.


Have you tried the mantra I got from Raziel for expanding the psychic senses?


Yeah I’ve done it a bit, I just realized I got the pronunciation wrong a few days ago, so I’ll be testing it out more soon.

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The journey continues…

This morning I invoked Raziel again using V.K’s ritual. Beforehand, I did Lifting the Sky and energized my chakras. I chanted the mantra to increase one’s psychic powers, and banished with the Circle of Power.

Raziel arrived quickly during the ritual. Immediately after I finished the incantations, I had the idea to use pore breathing to invoke him, this worked well and 7 breaths later my body was buzzing with energy and I felt an intense sensation of bliss. I imagined I was in the corner of my room, watching myself as my form morphed into his. Raziel gave me Obi-Wan Kenobi vibes, with a gray beard, and robes with a black cowl.

Focusing inward, I attempted to converse with him, at one point I mentally heard his voice, which didn’t seem to fit with his appearance, it was deep and rich. I made the same request of him. After this, my vision flooded with purple and my third eye started pulsating, with an intense amount of pressure.

I think I’ll invoke Metatron too at some point, any time I call on him I feel his presence intensely so I think he would be up for it.

After I invoked Raziel, I meditated with the goal of expanding my hearing into the astral as described here. I extended my hearing beyond everything around me, and mostly noticed persistent ringing. Then, I mentally heard something say “Oh, he’s here”. I’ll experiment with this more.

@DarkestKnight when expanding your hearing do you perceive the astral sound like physical sounds or is it often more mental?

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It starts more as a mental hearing, but becomes closer to physical sound with time.


Awesome, thanks.

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Amaymon and Leviathan

A few weeks ago I did a partial evocation of Amaymon and Leviathan to feel them out before I accept them as my patrons. I wasn’t really in a trance state so I didn’t feel much, I think I might have even forgotten to banish :man_facepalming:. I asked them to send me a crow to confirm they were interested. I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine the morning after that, and as I stepped out of my car a crow was staring at me in my front yard. I got my second dose yesterday and I saw a crow in the same position. I’m going to do a formal dedication ritual to them once I finish my invocation work with Raziel and Metatron. In the meantime I am trying to think about them a lot to draw them into my life.

This morning I woke up and felt bad because of the second dose of the vaccine. Some repetitions of the demonic healing incantation later I felt much better.

After that, I did the sword banishing, and energized all my chakras. My chakras were not as active as yesterday, but by the time I finished this I felt almost normal. Nothing’s really changed with my situation though, my throat, third eye, and crown lack energy. I think it’ll take a while to alleviate this.

I invoked Metatron last night, his presence was not as strong as Raziel’s, but I also didn’t spend as much time merging with him. I spent a few moments communicating with him, I got the sense that he wanted me to invoke him 4 times to overcome spiritual limitations that are holding me back at the moment. Like Raziel, his energy stimulated my third eye in a weird way. I’m going to try some automatic writing with them in my next sessions. For some reason, I get the feeling that Paralda wants to help me develop my spiritual senses, so I might evoke him too.

I have been listening to my clairsenses subliminal. I might make a SATS scene for clairsenses too.

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I have been experimenting with the Kuji-in chakra meditation, using mudras and chants. I think it seems promising for unlocking the powers of each chakra.

My experiments with my chakras indicate that energy flow gets stuck at the throat. Not long ago my heart was my least active chakra but I think a blockage dissolved a few weeks ago. When the blockage dissolved my aura flared out in front of me.

I investigated the chakras that are supposedly associated with clairaudience, I noticed they were very active.


This morning I invoked Raziel again. Before the invocation I did my usual routine, using the Circle of Power along with a mantra for removing psychic blockages and the mantra for increasing one’s psychic powers.

I didn’t feel his presence too much but I wasn’t in a deep trance either. I did some automatic writing with him. The automatic writing seemed highly imaginative, but it’s a start. I’m reminded of the last time I did automatic writing and Stolas told me he could teach me archery. I had no idea where that came from, but it was the first thing that came to mind, I followed the same protocol here.

Some highlights from my session: “Angels help liberate you from the castrations of the human experience” was part of his response on the nature of angels.

When I asked how one develops their ability to perceive into the spiritual he told me to “Look beyond your surroundings” among other things.


I think my spiritual sight has improved a lot, I can see my whole aura pretty easily now. I also tried structuring again not that long ago, and I didn’t even have to enter theta, I was able to project any basic shape I wanted too onto the wall as a faint outline. In fact, I just did it right now after I wrote that last sentence to make sure I wasn’t lying to myself. I might move on to practicing with objects soon.

Within the next few days I’ll adopt a mental diet for psychic development, since changing the self concept seems to be the easiest way to do anything.


I had another rapid manifesting success using the mind of Christ mantra again. No other mantra I’ve used has an effect on me like it does. Within 11 repetitions I feel like whatever I’m trying to manifest will happen.

I used it to manifest a specific event I wanted to happen, I visualized my scene for about 5 minutes, and then forgot about it. Five hours later I got results.


Kuji In is very solid speaking from my experience

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Over the last few days I’ve felt a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to go journey to the Lower Worlds again. Last night I decided to go for it.

Since I found my power animal, I have discovered they are very similar to a snow leopard, yet he doesn’t have really pronounced spots and he is large enough for me to mount him. I’m trying to come up with a name for him right now.

As the drum track started I relaxed into my chair, set an intention, and traveled to the base of the World Tree. Once again, it was warm and sunny, with the tree’s branches reaching into a blue sky. My animal guide was waiting for me. I kneeled down to meet him at his level, and bunted me affectionately. I asked him to take me on a journey to the lower worlds. For some reason he wanted me to mount him on the way down.

When I mounted him I felt a rush of energy and held on as we went down into the Lower Worlds. We landed into a cavern with dense trees and foliage. It reminded me of a jungle. A long path ran down the middle. I started walking down the path. It felt like a long time, and as I walked the path became more constricted, to the point where it morphed into a long hallway with bookshelves on both sides.

At the end was an entryway, I walked through into a rectangular room with more bookshelves. An empty chair sat in a depression in the middle of the room. I stood for a moment, and got the feeling that someone of power was normally there. I also sensed that that place held some information about deeper aspects of myself that I would know some day, but for now it was not for me. My animal guide led me out of the room, and we went back down the passageway.

My power animal guided me into an opening on the side, and I stepped into a cave. The cave sloped downward and had moss on the sides of it’s walls, at the base was a large blue crystal. I looked around the cave for a bit, and then got an impression that the next step of the journey was to go deeper. I moved back into the passageway once again. On the other side of the passageway a new opening was in place. I walked over to it, and saw a dimly lit staircase that went down into the depths. My power animal and I started descending.

As we descended, my animal guide growled at something I couldn’t see. A large scorpion burst out of the wall and came at us. I wasn’t sure if anything in the Lower Worlds could hurt me but I didn’t plan on taking any chances so I started sprinting down the stairs, my power animal alongside me. After a few seconds of running I heard my power animal turn back to face the scorpion, I looked over my shoulder and saw him lunge at the scorpion, tearing apart its midsection with his jaws.

I thought to myself “wow this is some LARPer shit”, as the staircase ended and we entered into a small cavern. The cavern was wreathed in silvery light, with a stone pool fed by a gentle waterfall, and a statue of a female angel. My power animal lapped some water for the pool and I stood beside him. I got the feeling that the journey was over, and I looked to the side and saw a brown tunnel leading back to the base of the World Tree.

We ascended back to the base, and I brought the power animal back into my normal life with me.


I did my normal routine this morning before invoking Raziel again. Pore breathing strengthened his presence to the point that my whole body was buzzing with ecstasy. I felt myself entering the Rapture. I asked him to remove limitations on my psychic senses. I also asked him to help me undo blockages in the throat chakra. I felt a weird choking sensation in my throat after this. I finished the invocation with some automatic writing, it felt imaginative.

I put my clairsenses subliminal on and started working on my throat and brow chakra. I got a lot of energy flowing into them, and noticed that energy was able to flow from the throat to the brow better. My vision started to pulsate and sway in front of me when I stimulated my crown also.

I’ve been investigating the Merkabah lately. I asked a friend who has knowledge on this sort of thing and they likened it to a personal UFO. After that I read Christopher Penczak’s Ascension Magick and got more detail. I might try to activate it, because it sounds cool.


The Merkaba

Me: "Hey so the Merkaba/ light body is just me but all glowy and shit right?
Friend 1: Definitely not.
Friend 2: Bruh.
Raziel: Most certainly not.

Metatron: (sigh)

Yesterday I did the merkaba activation for the star tetrahedron, I did it again today. The meditation itself is sort of complicated, you have to cleanse the tetrahedrons, create a sphere of prana, and then activate the merkaba itself.

When I activate the merkaba my energy field expands out way beyond me. The first day I did it I got sick afterward, which may have been an energy purge. As an experiment I soul traveled from one end of the room to the other, and it felt pretty vivid. After a bit of working with the star tetrahedron I’ll add the other shapes to the merkaba.

I did some chakra work, along with general practice for developing the psychic senses. I also listened to my subliminal.

I read about how you can train with ascended masters in your dreams by going to their ashram, so I decided to petition Saint Germain to do that for me.

I don’t remember anything, so I’ll do it again.

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Time for a change

I scanned my energy body and it looks like I’ve done enough on chakras for now. They will develop naturally as I work on the clairsenses.


I adapted my revision to focus on clairsenses. This is my primary focus for now, along with my mental diet.

I am continuing with the merkaba activation.

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I decided I’m going to start up with astral projection again. I read a great post on r/astralprojection about the core component behind projecting and lucid dreaming.

Instead of using a method, you just induce a state of trust in your higher self / subconscious to do it. This brings about OBE naturally.

Last night I did the wake back to bed method with the intention of entering the Phase in some form. I don’t seem to be able to fall back asleep quickly once I wake up, so I just laid on my bed and watched the back of my eyelids.

I had an interesting experience with this, and after a while my third eye started vibrating. It did this for a few minutes, and then I evoked a feeling of trust in my higher self. I fell asleep happy.

I had a relatively weak lucid dream, but it wasn’t bad for putting little effort into evoking the feeling of trust.

My HS told me to wake up an hour before bed tomorrow and do the trust process. I’m feeling pretty good about it.

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This morning I was doing the emptiness of mind meditation from step 1 of IIH and had an interesting experience with what might be the Breathless state.

The silence was so intense I just lost the urge to breathe, then I focused on the light I felt around me in my mind’s eye. I enjoyed it. I still struggle with keeping my mind entirely empty, but today I did much better than I had previously.

After this I had a simple yet powerful revelation about myself. To summarize, I become 0.1% enlightened. I was thinking about how I’m not the version of myself that I hate, the one that is flawed and neurotic. I thought about how if I can perceive the mental voice of that version of myself then I am not that self. If I was mind, I wouldn’t know it because I couldn’t observe from an external position, the same way a flower may not know it’s a flower.

This revelation wasn’t something that I analytically learned and understood, it was deeper.


I did more merkabah activation today. I think I’m ready to add the geometry beyond the star tetrahedron.

I did some energy work on my feet also. They seem to be critical to energy flow into my body so I am clearing them.

I have been shopping around for something from a more traditional system to add to my training program. With this in mind I read some books on kriya and kundalini yoga that I found to be dogma free.

I tried the supreme kriya fire technique out this morning. It uses some bandhas along with chakra focus and breath retention. It generates a lot of heat in the navel region, and my body shook from the energy. Every time I finished a round an electric current of energy would shoot up my spine.

The most powerful part of the exercise is the state of pure awareness it produces. It’s more powerful a state than I can get into with the emptiness of mind meditation.

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Would you mind dropping the title of the book where you found this exercise? It sounds intriguing.


Sure, it’s called Kundalini Exposed and it can be found here

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