Total newbie confused about evocations

Hello I have a little question. I am just a few months in the occult and within a few months I am planning my first evocations. Just one thing confuses me a little bit.
So, even though I pretty much know it is probably a very stupid question, here it is: In some video, E.A. was saying something about that if you call forth a deity and don´t give it any instructions, you have basically invited that force into your life to do whatever it wishes. So basically you HAVE TO do it (if I am comprehending it all correctly)
Well but then I read and also heard in some podcast something that makes much more sense to me. That is that you should firdt try to “befriend” the being. So does that mean just give offerings? Or should I do a few evocations first just for a “friendly chat”
Thanks to anyone who sacrifices a few minutes of their day just to address such a retarded question as this!




Two in one day? :heart_eyes: that a girl! You get em!


Soooo is it that all now?

Yep everyone has to introduce themsevles and from what I understand contacting an entity can happen a number of ways (Though don’t quote me because mine happened quite informally):

Your drawn to that specific one, Directed to them, You choose one that you like, They come to you themself.

Working with them happens in a number of ways too:

You give instructions, Befriend them or They do it themself.

Anything could happen. Goodluck.


Basic incense offering will do. Make a formal introduction of your self to that spirit. (They already know)

State your intention of wanting to build a working relationship.


This. The intro and intentions are very crucial.

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There are two common contemporary delineations of invocation and evocation used by occultists.

EITHER people refer to any manifestation of an entity WITHIN their corporeal being as invocation and any manifestation of one outside themselves as evocation, OR they refer to an invitation of a trusted spirit to come as it wilt, swiftly affably without delay AND UNRESTRAINED to influence the magician’s life and workings as it pleases/fulfill requests on a trust basis as invocation, while referring to A COERCED/COMMANDED SUMMONING, in which the spirit is bound to one’s will for whatever purposes the magician sees fit, as evocation. Personally I use the latter delineation.