Total beginners guide to invoking and divination (no psychic abilities required)

Hey I just wanted to give out some tips that helped me so far. I have learned a little bit about occult and spirituality since my kundalini awakening in 2016. I just learned all of these without any help and have evolved them in many ways which I will teach you. Absolutely no psychic or mediumship abilities required for this.

  • How to evoke

Very simple in your mind or out aloud, call out the entity’s name. Some focus on their sigil while doing so which can help. Keep doing it till you feel a presence, go with gut feeling with stuff like this. If you feel a change in ANYTHING be it temperature, gut feeling, or other bodily or emotional stuff it is likely with you.

  • How to divination

Get a learning/beginners tarot deck or a divination coin. They are relatively cheap and will help immensely with divination. I have other ways of divination but these are my main ones. With divination coin invoke and call the entity then ask your question.

It has to be a question because you can’t hear their response back, only ask them a question and they can send you an answer in return. If it lands on yes or no you got your answer. I would recommend doing the coin flip once, as too much is often inconsistent.

I would NOT recommend doing the coin flip too much as it can frustrate and stress you with the responses. Do it only occasionally, I would recommend when you’re in a content or good mood as psychic abilities are heightened during these periods.

Caffeine can also help with psychic abilities as I noticed, but don’t consume too much of it as it can cause amplification of negative emotions/frustration.

  • Divination in other ways

You can also do divination in multiple ways. Determine in an object or anything which is yes or no then ask a question in your mind. Whatever you determined to be “no” and inflicts negative emotions then it means no. If you decided that side is yes and inflicts a positive emotion then it is yes. Keep practicing with whatever you found but don’t overdo as I said it can cause negative emotions.

  • Who to call upon/ask questions

Higher self, demons and other entities, the universe, living and dead humans.


Does it help to consecrate the coin before using it?

Yea, whatever you feel like will help will work.
But just make intention on what side is yes/no.

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“Whatever you determined to be yes and inflicts a negative emotions then it means no.” Sorry spelling mistake here, meant what you determine to be no.


I don’t have access to a coin, would a Coca Cola bottle cap do the trick? Then I write yes and no on it with tape.

Probably not, as the distribution of uninfluenced bottle cap rolls would not be 50-50 to start with, because the cap is not symmetrically balanced. I think the 50-50 is useful for establishing that the result is not random.

Can you get a die? You could say “All even numbers are yes, and all odd numbers are no, something like that.” Or just sticks, a long and a short, toss them and assign values to how they fall, more vertical could be yes and more horizontal no etc.

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