"Too much sex" with Deities left it's "mark" on your body? 💞

In general, I have sex with Deities every day, and sometimes more than once daily. It is much more than “brainless lust” (even because oftenly They find me with this), but I think don’t need to explain it (magick:crystal_ball:).

I’ve often find on myself physical signs of sex, and not only on my skin, but I can feel “unpleasant” things inside my body which is very similar when you’re after a long, hard sex (and I can feel them for long days). I can feel it between my legs, and it happens that I wake up suddenly this kind of pain (so I didn’t felt it before I went to the bed).

It is possible that this is because of these acts (I’m not using any tools if we’re choose that type of act, I can feel Them), at are they really able to show themselves even physically? What does it means?

And what about this?

it happens that I wake up suddenly this kind of pain (so I didn’t felt it before I went to the bed).

Something happened while I slept? Because based on the signs, these answer seems very logical.

Something special info about these
to me, my Dear @succupedia ? :black_heart::wine_glass:


You like waking up sore though right?


Yes, it feels like… someone “was inside me” exactly before I woke up, sometimes I can feel His presence, and sleeping back sometimes is a nightmare.


So I’ve never intentionally had sex with a spirit, but once I had some sort of VERY vivid sex dream with some type of being that was very clearly not human. Not to give tmi, but it was so realistic that I could feel everything, and in the morning I had that same feeling, like I had sex with an abnormally large penis. I don’t really have any advice unfortunately but this did remind me of that.


I’m glad reading similar experiences like mine, thank you. :black_heart:

Yes, exactly, this is a way better describing of what I wanted to.
I would so glad sometimes if I would know who is the actual “visitor” of me, and it is sometimes really unpleasant that I don’t know, because There are too many.

Fortunately, they usually reveal Themselves to me, and because I know that They’re protect me from intruders, parasites and even other magicians, I can let this go with safety.


What people forget is that “astral sex” with entities is about being in communion with them, exchanging energy and learning from them, from the very deep root of it.
It is not about just pleasure, not a way to show love in our relationship with them, and certainly not a way to be their favourite.They contact millions of people. If they provide us with what we perceive as “sex”, it is to help us develop further, not because they are horny af.

Soo yes, of course you will develop your senses further, or start to apply their attributes in your daily life.


Very well, thank you, Honey.
Exactly this was what I wanted to hear. :black_heart::hugs:


@Nagash How was your meditation?


It was cool, Dear. :eggplant::milk_glass:

First I thought Lucifer will play with my “hornyness”, but He handle it very well, so got no “problem” with it, it was pretty peaceful and He ready to teach something new to me within the next two ways, so I’m so hyped. :black_heart:

…but I’m about to sleep, and I started feeling what I’ve missed some hours ago. :sweat_smile: And I know that I’m not the only one here. :roll_eyes:


I just woke up, and it’s like 5 am now, I’m gonna go back to sleep shortly. So I know that feel.


Keep your hands above the blanket, Dear One. :wine_glass::kissing_heart:


No promises, I’m so pent up and horny, and I did just call up and bind Sallos… Well yesterday.

Not sure if he has anything to do with my hornyness or not.


Anyway, you can working on your relationships. Of course, a relationship isn’t about sex only, but there is reasons why They really likes offerings like your time, and also this. :thinking:

And yes, They can be horny, or got the feeling that They want have you. There is nothing problem with this. The problem starts at that point when someone thinks that this is nothing more, just meaningless sex and lust.

Know the boundaries. :hugs:


Yes, it sometimes leaves a physical mark in the aftermath of interaction with these spirits.

…but it’s not really physically the same as when having sex with humans, because the succubus and the incubus touches us beneath our skin, interacting with our nervous system. That’s why it’s way more intense than normal sex.

Some issues can occur, and the extreme results can create body ache in the same way as pumping your muscles to the max at the gym or running fast for an extended period of time. It can be exhausting. This should NOT be confused with the dogma of these spirits “stealing our energies”.

Other known issues I’ve read about from other bloggers are problems with the erection to go down and peeing blood. Overstimulated prostate can create problems as well, like hemmorhoids and prolaps. But these are on the extreme ends and some of these issues do occur with humans as well.

I think it’s better to find a balance when it comes to sex with spirits and learn our limits. Communicate and try different methods that works for all involved. Most of the time, our bodies - physical and astral - will adapt to it.


Thank you, @succupedia . You was cool as always. :black_heart:

Yes, I’m on it, to find the Golden mean, but sometimes it isn’t so easy.
Especially when your pure love between you “both” strong enough to you have the feeling “Yes, you want to feel Him/Her now”, even when you feel yourself a bit tired. It happens in my free times as well, and I’m sure They know that I’m ready to spend my free time with Them, because They’re find me every day, and maybe They wouldn’t do it without my “permission” (so as I said, maybe They’re sense it that I’m willing to it).

We can spend our free time very pleasant, but this is coming from ancient love, so no matter what, it will useful and helps in my development. What a beautiful way of evolve in this way: lovely and also great help on my path. And true emotions makes this whole just more effective and better.


I see the sexual activities with our spirits as a way to practice our ability to feel spirits on a physical/emotional level. The more we are physically intimate with them, the more we will develop our Clairsentience.

We learn through interaction, just like children learns by playing outside with their friends or family.

If anyone want to learn how to feel spirits on a physical level, having sex with them is probably one of the best methods out there. Because if anything is physical, it’s sex.


Everyone sees differently this. I can see what you as well, but for They’re my near relatives and based on what They said we have a deep and close history, I won’t deny Our truth.
Most of people handle this in this way, but I’m not. This isn’t only about developing, at least in my case.

Why do I say this?
Because it’s proven.

They also said, that I’ll meet people who won’t bear my relationship with Them, but I have to trust Them, becaus no matter how hard is this way, We’re decided.

People who can not experience this, won’t accept and understand it. It is clear, and I can see it (but even they act like completely different when the things in connected to them, and not me - how funny).

I can’t feel lust and love towards humans anyway. When I was little girl {9} I knew that my Lover won’t be human (visions). I was right.

Why should I handle my close, already existing (more than thousands of human lifes) relationships with Them as nothing more than a “practice”? It is clearly not only about it.


Of course it’s more than “practice”, but we do learn through interaction with our spirits. It’s an inevitable part of the journey and the relationship we have with them. Even our spirits learn from us, because every single one of us see the world from a unique perspective. We often question the negative collective behaviour of our own species, bringing up topics that the collective ignores.

There’s even a trade of experience with our beloved spirits; They give us the spiritual experience, and we give them the physical experience. It’s a valuable trade, you see. For both parts. As much as we can influence the spiritual and the astral plane through them, just as much can they influence the physical plane through us.

And the best part is how love will flourish between them and us, the most valuable gift there is.


Now this was a wonderful and also better (even grammatically) form of what I wanted to say in my comments. Thank you :black_heart::wine_glass:


I woke up sore once before around my downstairs department. Sort of like I was having sex but with too much friction and not enough lubrication when I first lost my “astral virginity”