Too many spirits for one case

Can too many spirits working for one case cause chaos? And doesnt work

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Yes, unless they actually work together. Otherwise it’s too much clashing and their own ways of how it should be done.

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Would you recommend cleansing for this

As Rungr has already pointed out, if you do want to work with many entities simultaneously you must research. Find entities that work together.
F.e Lucifer works along with King Paimon.

Also , @anon48508954 I am curious as to why you recommended cleansing. Could you please elaborate?

No hun i was meaning would a cleansing call of the spirits
I know what you meant earlier i was talking about actual spells at that point not the ones where demons are working for me

Hope i havent offended you! But it was a different thing

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No offense taken @Hix1000 :kissing_heart: I misunderstood.


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If they aren’t called together and aren’t debriefed then yes you will have chaos too many working on one task isn’t good unless they all are willing to do it together and every one has their own parts to play in it

As I see it, you have two opinions:

1.) Readdress the role each spirit plays in achieving the task at hand. You can do this by calling each of them, explain the problem, and redirect them with what you want them to do via petition. This could help with getting them to work together. Be polite when doing so.

2.) If the situation appears to be beyond fixing, call each of them up and request for a cancellation. Give an offering to each as payment for the time wasted and send them on their way. You could try again later with some of them or another group but learn from this experience so you have better chances of success in the future. Be polite once again.

The ball is in your court on which to do.

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Instead of employing chaos magic I would call upon a specific deity for each assigned task that way you could maintain control instead of four spirits counteracting each other. If it is a ronantic relationship you wish to break up, call upon one deity ie Asmodeus and leave it there.