Tonight's "Supermoon" Eclipse

I know some people here will have been planning Stuff for this for ages, but newer members might not be aware, so here’s some info: tonight, our Moon is at the shortest distance from earth, looking larger (hence “Supermoon”) - according to The Telegraph the Moon “appears 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than when it is at its furthermost point.”

And there’s an eclipse happening as well, here are some interesting articles:

NASA Scientist Sheds Light on Rare Sept. 27 Supermoon Eclipse

Rare ‘Supermoon’ Lunar Eclipse Coming Sunday: Skywatching Tips

Sunday’s ‘Supermoon’ Total Lunar Eclipse: When and Where to See It (nothing east of Greenwich is listed there, sorry!)

Image :


When exactly is the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring? Is it on 09/26 or 09/27 night?

Also, could you suggest a ritual I can do during this phenomenon to increase the power of my magical senses?

P.S. I’m in India so about 9:30 hours ahead.


This page has a countdown to the eclipse beginning - I don’t trust my ability to work out time zones east of Greenwich, sorry, especially since we’re in daylight-saving time here:

It begins about 12 hours after the time-stamp on this post, assuming you have the forum set to your local time.

Unfortunately India will not see all of the eclipse, you’ll only see a partial effect, that page above has a diagram that should help.

Magically speaking, what’s the significance of a red moon eclipse? Are there certain spirits that are more active then? If so, which ones? Is it best for doing prosperity work, baneful work, ascension work, healing, or…? What do you do with this red moon eclipse?

Here is a website with info for the U.S. and it has viewing maps, articles about the blood moon that have been written this entire past week, tips on photographing the moon, time charts by location, and a link to where you can watch a live webcast tonight where they will be showing footage of the moon every so often in its stages so you can watch if you live in an area where a hill, mountain, or something else will be blocking your view. Further down the page is a link to an article that also explains what makes it turn red.

This may not be very helpful to some, but it’s a start. For U.S. the moon will occur tonight Sunday the 27th. We have not entered daylight savings time in this country yet.

12 hours after the time stamp on Lady Eva’s most recent post would be about 8:00 p.m. EST for U.S. residents but it’s still daylight outside at that time here so I imagine we won’t we able to see it until about 8:45 or later. You’ll need to check the charts for U.S. because of the 4 time zones we have here anyway.

Raven, the moon will be visible at 7 PM CST, even with a bit of daylight left. The problem I’m having is, it’s been overcast here all day, and it doesn’t appear to be clearing. I really wanted to get the telescope and camera out, but It ain’t lookin’ good. The energy, however, doesn’t require clear skies, so I’m probably going to try a little scrying.

Try asking Dhjuty/Thoth to open your senses, deliver the inheritance of your ancestors to you?

Try asking Dhjuty/Thoth to open your senses, deliver the inheritance of your ancestors to you?[/quote]

Can I also ask for good grades on upcoming college midterms? My ancestors can be the cheat sheets.

Try asking Dhjuty/Thoth to open your senses, deliver the inheritance of your ancestors to you?[/quote]

Can I also ask for good grades on upcoming college midterms? My ancestors can be the cheat sheets.[/quote]

Whow such similarities we have, i mean your picture reminds me of my current outfit (black hoodie with white stuff) and i’m going to need some good grades too! but yes, at least we can ask from wisdom, will it be delivered? we’ll see!

Yeah, it’s overcast here too with some isolated dark gray clouds. It’s been raining off and on. I wanted to get a photograph of it. I got a great photo of a regular full moon 2 months ago, so close up it almost looks like a fake photoshopped pic. Ever realized how cartoonish the moon looks up close? Those photos I took thru my bedroom window because the moon is visible out my window around 10:15 to 10:45 p.m. but if it’s still overcast and/or raining by then I will only be able to capture a blur of light thru the clouds.

The moon is hard to photograph as it is because the digital version shows the sun rays that cannot be seen by the naked eye and you tend to end up with streaks of sunlight while the actual planet looks like a glowing blur, and this worsens when raining or ovecast due to atmospheric conditions but if the sky is just right I have a focal and zoom range on my camera that allows me to capture the moon with no blur and no sun streaks.




I am currently reading the chapter in QAV about chakras. It was brought to my attention that the reason I keep having all of these strange muscle pains and headaches during and after magickal workings is because my chakras are in serious disrepair which is affecting my physical body. I was told that if left unfixed things would continually get worse with each new magickal undertaking, throwing my chakras even more off balance which can cause some humans to end up with cold and flu like symptoms so I think tonight, even if the moon is not visible to me this may be the perfect time to do some repair work.

I knew it had been some time since the last time I did any chakra work but apparently it’s been much longer than I realized. I don’t concern myself with what types of magick you can or can’t do during certain moon phases. Lunar energy is strong so any type of working done during a full moon can be amplified and produce powerful results. So I find limitations like you can only do money magick during a waxing gibbous, and relationship magick during a waning or whatever is just another wiccan thing that I refuse to adhere to.

It’s starting to clear up here. May get my series of pics after all.

I’m wondering if I could use the blood moon to summon Hecate.

I’ve felt unwell all day. Pounding headache, stressed out… But I’ve been looking forward all day to a working I have planned tonight to bind a spirit to an object. I’d actually forgotten all about this moon event though. I’m definitely going ahead tonight. The moon should be a great advantage and we don’t get this kind of energy all the time for our work.

Aaaaand… it’s fuckin’ cloudy again. Still have a couple more hours, though.




So now I must Become A Living Insomniac in hopes of finding enough time.

Celebrated the event by finally watching the EA’S pactmaking with azazel video whilst talking to myself (or the spirits) and asking Azazel’s alliance for me too, although not wanting to make pact since it would require dismissing other spirits so i hope Azazel didn’t get wrong impression, i’m not ready for such pacts yet :smiley:

And so it begins…

Nice Chef, i saw the full moon too from the window… but now when i tried to go searching for more i only saw clouds everywhere…