Tolkien mythology

Is it possible to become a wizard like Merlin or the ones in Tolkien mythology? And I don’t mean shooting stuff out of a staff. Im just asking if it’s possible to become a wizard like the mythological ones. Like the ones in medieval times

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It’s been a while since I read Tolkien’s stuff, but if I recall correctly the wizards in middle-earth where a race of lesser gods. They weren’t as powerful as the the first gods (I think they where called valar), but they certainly had godlike abilities and knowledge. So, in that sense I guess that yeah you can somewhat become like them, that’s the whole point of doing all this, but the thing is that magick actually works in a different way from what you read in the books or watch in movies. You don’t just wave your wand and instantaneously transform a human into an animal for example.


i agree real magick is different from movie and story stuff. but in a way you can be like them if you are serious you will be. i see myself more like saruman like figure :slight_smile:

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I know that I am very late in replying to this, and I apologize for that. I have actually been mulling this over since you first posted it, @treyguinn. It has been niggling at me, so I finally decided to answer it.

I am a big Middle Earth fan, so I am going to first address your question from the Tolkien standpoint, as then add a few bits and pieces about Merlin (who is very similar to Tolkien’s wizards, anyway, at least in how magic goes). I’m a fan to the point that I would totally write a grimoire about the Valar if I wouldn’t get sued by the Tolkien estate. Now, there is a lot more to Middle Earth than is shown in the movies, so I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the books and mythology of the landscape or not. I’m going by the books, because they’re killer.

To answer your question, YES, you an totally become a wizard like mythological ones. The reason there are stories about them is because they existed or they are based on people who actually existed. As you noted, mythological wizards did not make sparks come out of the staffs or turn people into toads (goodness knows I would love to turn someone into a toad). They were practitioners of magic in the real sense of the word. They were followers of a Left Hand Path, they sought greater wisdom, knowledge, and power than those around them and they succeeded in getting it. And they worked damned hard to get it. And you will have to also, if you wish to be like them.

Tolkien actually had a fantastic grasp on what magic was and what it was not. The Istari (Tolkien’s wizards) are actually a great thing to aspire to, especially in a forum called “Become A Living God”. :slight_smile: The Istari, of which there were five, were ainur, which were lesser gods. We could compare them to the multitudes of angels or demons that we work with, greater than a genius loci but not as great as something that was worshiped as a god in its own right. They took on bodies and came to Middle Earth to help steer it in the ‘right’ direction (the definition of right being debatable and not the subject matter here). They used their personal, divine power to create changes in reality. Just like ‘real’ magic they couldn’t do anything that was ultimately against the laws of physics, both known and unknown. If you read The Lord of the Rings, and pay attention to what Gandalf actually does and the results of what he does, you will see this clearly. And is our goal not to become a god/ess ourselves? To move our own worlds in a way that we control everything around us? That is exactly what the Istari were able to do. It was only when they doubted themselves that they were caught in the trap of their own making.

Merlin was half fey, one of his parents was a faery. So, he was something very similar to the multitudes of angels and demons that we work with as sorcerers/esses. In fact, several on this forum work with the fey directly. He manipulated the world around him with his magic to change it to serve him in the best way possible for him. There are stories of him changing into animals which some sorcerers/esses might think is not possible, but there are a slew of them who do feel that it is possible, that do it themselves, and would tell you that Merlin, if he existed, did it too.

My point in all of this is yes, you can be just like them. Successful medieval magicians, just like these mythological personages, understood how the universe worked, even if it was within the scope of their times and mythology. They understood it to such a fine degree that they were able to manipulated it. Most of our magical practices come from these people! Have you read the ancient grimoires? It was these medieval magicians who wrote them. They knew what they were talking about–ask anyone who has worked through the Goetia.

I won’t go into to the how, as you didn’t ask that, and this post it probably already long enough. :slight_smile: Hopefully this helped.


anything is possible if it is your will to do or become something


Speaking of late, so is this reply. I don’t know why, but I just got really happy reading your answer to this. I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to practice magick a little (a lot) more, for a lot of reasons, and I think this might help as she’s a huge fan of Tolkien.

I’d also like to point out that the more physical things listed (sparks from a staff) are somewhat possible but those things would be harder than most everything else. I’ve spoken with a lot of entities that teach just that and things like it, so I wouldn’t discount it entirely.

And a side note on the Goetia and other ancient texts, those things are so full of blinds that it gives me headaches just thinking about it. I agree with your point on them; I’m just pointing that out.


Let me know if you or she want something more specific. Like I said, I LOVE this stuff–I’d love to do a grimoire on it, I have tons of material, but haven’t figured out how to get around the copyright logistics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, that could make things difficult. I’ve had a lot of trouble convincing her to start serious practice so if there’s anything you could think of that could help, that would be great. Though to be fair, most of her reservations have to deal with safety of magick in general. I told her I would protect her and that it’s hard to fuck up that badly but still… I feel I’m rambling at this point. But if there’s any way you can think to relate magick to Tolkien’s work in a way that could help her start, I’d really appreciate that.