Told someone else's secret - want to be punished

Okay, so this is gonna sound weird, but tonight I accidentally told a secret that I promised to keep from others (nothing major enough that it could ruin someone’s life, but enough to want it kept secret) and I feel like shit about it.

Is there a ritual or an entity that can punish me for this?

Again, not looking for a “get out of jail free” card, looking to be punished and take responsibility for not keeping the secret.

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Inside-Outerer, Belial, Maat, any god of justice, Tyr, Odin, and a few more…


I don’t know, how bad do you want the punishment to be?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask the person to forgive you?

Sure, you did a shity thing, but how about you simply make it up to your friend, instead of asking the spirits to bestow upon you and horrible punishment?


If that isn’t going to work, you can always call upon the Goddess Diana, and ask her to punish you for that.

She has a habit of punishing people that deserve it.

Or, you could always write me a Penance check, $200, United States dollars. Do you need my PayPal information?


Because I feel that I need to do more than just “make it up”.

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Well, you could always ask the Archangel Michael to deliver a punishment in line with the perceived offense.

Although, I will fall back to the Goddess Diana, perhaps Mother Hecate, or possibly even a month-long Penance of no meat, alcohol, chocolate, whatever your favorite Vice is.

Honestly, a decent punishment for that would be the month-long fasting away from your favorite Vice. That sounds fair to me.


Well in Norse mythology i would turn to Tor for example.
However depending on how bad thiis id say that the first thing is to ask forgivness from the person egons trust you broke seeing as its that person you ”betrayed”. In many ways that may be the best punishment as many ppl would rather take some nonrelated punishment and not having to tell the person they told the secret.

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Please don’t, it’s forbidden by the rules.

Silent, it was a fucking joke. Even if she did ask for my PayPal information, I would have told her no.

throws a tennis ball at @Anassa


I get it, but it can be misunderstood.

Shots back the ball with an elegant tweener

I don’t have a good comeback to that, so here’s a picture of a happy, messy baby


You Ruined Trust and hurt your own self as someone who should be trusted as reputation. If you had any kind of love for the one you kept secret for it doesnt exist. Really, the only real punishment is any karm you set in motion as far as setting off ripples of any consequences. Things may not be the same after that, as I have a feeling that the moment you did it the person probably felt it psychically on some level and reacted.

I would imagine the greatest punishment would be NOT finding the punishment you deserve. So. I hope you don’t find it! :wink::black_heart:

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You make it sound like a BDSM thing


Penitence, perhaps steal a mass.

It would be terrible if your own dirty laundry got aired, especially by asking for punishment from ancient gods known to have walked the earth during the ol eye for an eye era. I would say that your own personal guilt will bring you all the misfortune you seek.

Perhaps use this as an opportunity to progress, rather than creating a deep energetic knot. Do the hard right and speak the error to the friend in question, ask their forgiveness due to the lack of malicious intent on your part, and if punishment is coming it will found there. Regardless you will have unburdened yourself from this inner turmoil and grown wiser.

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Just ask the universe to give you your just deserved.

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Of course, this would be a judgement call based on if the info is about to go public identifying the source(you), or not? And if not, would the revelation do more harm to the friend than it would be worth to be personally unburdened?
If that’s the case then take it to the grave, forgive yourself and move on.

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You’re punishing yourself just fine with your sense of guilt and beating yourself up. Apologize to your friend and stop being a disloyal person to your friends. Punishment doesn’t undo a deed.


If I recall, King Paimon is all about justice.