To Yoga practicers

I didn’t know where to exactly put this thread, I think this would be ok.
I recently got contacted with a Yogi followed by his guru, I’ve been told about the end of the path that Yoga have while other magicians don’t.
I mean, while they can obtain the liberation (Moksha), people used to work with spirits will end up in spirits realm.
It got me confused.
The person who introduced me in EA Koetting world, told me that we can pursue divinity (or liberation) through Maya by controlling it (being rich, being someone, ecc…) or by understanding the illusion of duality.
Couldn’t end up in a conclusion, I ask for your personal point of view.
Thank you in advance.

Perhaps it’s first a matter of choice, that is, if one wants to be with the spirits it will be so. Then it depends on what the deceased is able to do, for example in the Bardo Thodrol it’s necessary to identify with the “strong” light or to recognize peaceful and irate gods as personal projections.
In the Tantric path, yoga/nirvana (liberation) and bhoga/samsara are basically one, the siddha may embrace both these options. And there is what, according to Evola, would be higher than nirvana as a simple unity with the Brahman (if taken almost as static and detached from Shakti, power): becoming Lord of the yes and the no, of the double nature, finite and infinite.

It’s a trap. Get out of other people’s paradigms, especially religious ones, do your own work and you will get there perfectly fine for yourself.


Everyone tells good thing about his stuff, we have to admit that practices like meditation and yoga that most of magicians use, comes from hinduist tradition.
Even sacred numbers like 40 and 108 comes from them too.
Despite I want what is called liberation, I also want to live a good life with money giving my family all they want… and doing sex, possibly.
There’s not only one way to become one with the One, but what are the other ways I guess.
Life of a martyr and/or life of a rich man?
Destroying or not being controlled by Maya illusion?
Even Crowley tried to reach grades of yoga, like true meditation (I don’t know the exact name of it)