To what extent are subliminals useful?

Some of us want to be worshipped by hard muscular men whose muscles flex in passion beneath the ropes and chains. What’s the fun in dominating something girlier than me if I don’t like girls that way?

Very few people would choose to ride a jaskass is they can dig their spurs into a stallion.

Oh er yeah and subliminals, yeah that’s a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


XD …

~i was talking about those “internet-goddesses”
who will end up having “web-slaves” who are stupid and brainwashed enough to support
those women financially

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Doesnt just happen on the internet. It is just more visible. It seems most people need to be in a relationship of sorts, even if only in their minds, to feel validated.


Apparently men get the same little dopamine rush from giving resources to a woman that women get when we see small cute things, or a little struggling thing that needs help.

Human brains, 21st century environment and stone age OS! :rofl:


It wouldn’t be the first time, when i wished things were different :smirk:
~regardless what form, i doubt i could be satisfied. I need to learn how to shift.:crazy_face:

But maybe will i forget about sexuality, in case this vamp-war is real…
maybe its what i have been waiting for :smiling_imp: yessss…

not that i would survive it, to share details

Preach sister !


Hey Aluriel. Can you tell me more about your success with penis enlargement?
Which subliminal did you use? How much growth did you get and in how much time?

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The best ones will be the ones that you craft on your own. you should really be sure what you digest indeed especially if it has the risk to shape your future self, IMO.

Otherwıse some may have hidden messages, and they may be useless (rejected) or may have unwanted result .
To create your own subliminals; you may use many different software for example as for binaural sounds you may use Audacity . Adobe Audition had special effect in the past but as they were so effective and so “some people” asked them to remove those effects .
The affirmations; they should be simple and positive . You may find on google many things if you have more questions I may help.
You may find such resources over the web, in case you may not, ask me.

In reality you may even increae their effects with some drugs like some kind of protein binders in such a way like it’s used by Merel Kindt in Uni of Amsterdam, she cures fobias; indeeed she doesn’t use subliminals but as long as the target is subconscious, her way would be a good model (- trigger the neurons which results in the thought and break their connections in the remaking as she does to get rid of fobia and then you may deploy a better thought /memory with subliminals-) but even this would be an advanced way to follow yet, standart use of subliminals still would be very efficient but create your own; I guess that is important - be safe then sorry.

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Which ones are better than Shannon Subliminal webshop?

I’m also into this stuff. Sounds really interesting.


Matrix play seems to be nice one, I’ve ordered her subliminal.
She was supportive even after delivering subliminals.

Quick note on what I wrote before - I cannot recommend his subliminals anymore, knowing what I do now, so disregard my previous comment.

Look for other subliminal companies.


I’ve bought DMSI from shannon’s subliminal shop today. It’s the 5.5G V3.2A&B version. The strongest one they have. I’ve read through all the technology and it looks very promising. Today I listened 1 loop (1hour).
It’s like 7 days on and 1 day off. Really interesting. I’m gonna keep a log on his forum.

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Why? I’ve seen another link on your website:

So you’re in the business as well? Or partners? What do you know now that have you decide to not recommend shannon’s shop anymore?

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Look through the forums. There are reasons no one is getting anywhere with those subliminals. No one getting women, no one building empires.

Plus, found out a bunch of stuff about the creator. I’m not confident in that individual’s ability to make a sub designed to attract women, nor any subliminal really.


Well, I don’t know about you but I have looked through the forums and I have seen some very positive journals. Besides people over there are retarded. ie they are consuming alcohol, caffeine and even drugs while in the FAQ sections Shannon has clearly stated that NO mind state shifting substances are allowed. (This includes meditating or using NLP, hypnosis/ subliminals from other producers aswell) Otherwise those subs won’t work… People are also listening more and more hours while he states that only 1 loop (1hour) is needed per day. He has some technology in it that needs delicate calibrating. Of course if you don’t follow the rules you won’t get the results. There are people who got laid. Also if you keep jerking off and not working on your body you will drain your sexual energy. Of course your aura isn’t going to radiate as strongly.

Subliminals are no more than an addition to your daily regimen. You have to put in the work aswell. I went to the gym today feeling really good about myself, my body etc. I had sharp deep eye contact with multiple girls. If you don’t approach and talk to them, of course nothing’s gonna happen.

I’m testing this new 5.5G DMSI 3.2A&B subliminal and it’s strong as hell. Even two days in and I have already more positive feelings and better body language. The time will tell us if it really does what it claims. There are hundreds of factors why it doen’t work with other people. Stubborn resistance is a bitch and if there’s really a deep issue ie trauma then no subliminal will help you. You need to get professional help then.

This subliminal has a healing script, anti anxiety, overcomming shame script built in it. With some alpha male confidence stuff.

I’m optimistic about it and if it doesn’t give me the promised results I will request a refund. Simple as that.

Now what things did you discover about him? Because I also want to hear the negative side of course. I want to hear both sides. And what are your resources? From who have you gotten those negative rumours?
What stuff did you found out about him? I’m really curious to find out why he isn’t able to make any subliminal according to you…

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I knew that everything was possible!
and tell me what audio have you been using?

brother … then I could use the enchantments that EA KOETIN gave us?
invoke all the magical powers?

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I’ve used a couple and found one very strange in that I ended up with 653 visits to my LinkedIn profile in a week after normally only ever getting 3-5 a week. The one I used was something like “Irresistible attraction” - for a while I couldn’t figure out what had caused this massive upswing.

The weird bit was that whilst listening to it I felt very uncomfortable about “generating massive attraction” etc because I am actually not a particularly attractive woman and I’m only really interested in being attractive to a handful of people and not necessarily madly so.

Coincidence or did I say something astoundingly stupid on Twitter?

Something I’d love to know is how exactly does the one that “drive your crush crazy by you listening to it” work?


I’ve been using Holosync for years: it helps as much as you allow it to. I think unaided meditation is a must regardless. I have also used Brainsync and the Hale Carlton Meditation Program: all goo.
I’ve recently been listening to a collection of all 9 Solfeggio Frequencies from YouTube and it is interesting.