To what DEMON do I request this?

Very good morning, I have seen that I can request money from some entity, I would like to know from which entity this can be requested. For example, I have a YouTube channel, I could ask the entity for the money through my YouTube channel, that I get more money

Lucifuge Rofocale

Just be sure you’re willing to put in some work as well.


There are many entities you can “request” money from. Just use the search function. Bune, Barachiel, Nitika… and so on and so on.
I’d advice would be get the book Financial Sorcery Jason G. Miller if you’re looking for long lasting financial development.
Damon Brand - Success Magic and Magickal Riches also seem to be liked by many


There are numerous entities that can do this, in your case I’d advise being more specific in your request as “I want to get money through my channel” Could manifest as a small donation versus a steady flow of income, that is if that’s what you want - more work, but a bigger payout.

Everyone @QueenMustang listed is perfect and so long as you’re pulling your weight there should be no problem with your request. I would recommend King Belial as well - but I have a bias, though he has helped me greatly in terms of finances these last few months. I’d just look around and see who catches your eye, it may not end up being a demon you need at the moment.

As well as books I’d like to throw in Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand and Maybe The Magickal Job Seeker, so you can obtain a more permanent source of income versus a temporary flow.


thanks for your answer. then I could ask Belial something like this: “the payment that YouTube makes me increases by 500 dollars every month, from now on”

You could say that, but when I worked with him I petitioned him to help increase my income and to direct more money my way in the most efficient ways possible, and over time that evolved into us working towards something bigger. I find Belial best to work with when you plan on expanding upon a business or rising in an organization - he’s a big picture guy, so while he can do what you’re asking it’d be best to keep an open mind with your request, rather than limiting yourself to 500 I would request a substantial increase in cash flow while developing your career further, so that the money gradually increases - this of course will require more work on your end.

A simple technique you can use to fulfill this desire, and still set your specified amount and/or timeframe if needed. That’s if you just want a simple and somewhat quick solution.

I’d sit down and think about it a bit, the other spirits may work just as well, if not better than Belial for your solution. From my experience quick cash just isn’t his thing, so looking into other spirits would put you in a better position if that’s what you’re after.

Edit: I think Bune would be the entity you’re looking for, after looking over what it is you’re looking to gain, and she might be a bit easier to work with than Belial as he tends to be a bit…intense, to say the least.


I was going to agree with @QueenMustang and @Eia about going with Duchess Bune. She seems the most appropriate pick for this in my opinion.


thank you all, I will do the first ritual The Petition for Results offered by Gordon Winterfield. I’ll tell you how it goes with Bune


Yeah man good luck and keep us posted. You got this! :+1:

If you want to obtain wealth (and of course money BTW), I personally recomend Halah’Thor.
I make for Him a sigil:


To my understanding, to make money from YouTube, it requires that you have a good following so it would be worth your time also looking into being received well and respected, to increase your ability to be creative and to learn the technologies involved, to get better with the equipment you have to use.

All that kind of knowledge will help you along the way and it will help to bring the money to you.

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