To Velotak

Velotak … you don’t reply to emails anymore so I hope somehow you read this.

Remember when I would practice reading your circle and somehow we always ended up on a wild adventure. .one such adventure took to a temple in the middle of a jungle guarded by monkeys. It’s where I also found the red stone.
In the animal statute.

Well I found the place. And will post it here.
Abandoned in the middle of a rainforest …with monkeys watching over it. And a monkey god.

Imagine that


I still have the emails


he would have liked that, right @Arcane?

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Oddly enough it is Belial I have to thank for helping me with this. He kept talking about a white city and when I looked it up I realized I had been there with Velotak.

It fits everything I saw and described and I never heard of this place until last night.

It’s also odd that last I dreamed of Velo he was showing me all kinds of math equations … and saying something about one of the equations and the veil. :thinking: :face_with_monocle:


I logged back in for similar reasons in hopes he would see I’m trying to contact him.
Reach to me by swedish mail if you get this message Velo…

Also I hope you are all well :green_heart:


Hey Velo,
We may not have left off on good terms, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. I will always be beside you. Take your time and I still remember everything.

(Sorry for hijacking Arianna)


@saturnskin hugs!!! It’s so good to see you !! :heart:

@itsnathanm7 it’s ok. I’m glad I’m not the only one who misses him!

Maybe somehow he will see this and know, he’s still needed and wanted :slight_smile:


Accomplished what you started. My time is up here. Thanks for everything.


What?!? You’re leaving?!?

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This popped back up after the activity involving him… that is interesting

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Now why are you doing this

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Take care dear, we will miss you @Eye_of_Ra

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You have a tattoo on your left forearm … I never saw it before. It’s there now.


I’ve been thinking about getting a tat.


I think you would find this interesting.

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Something I’ve been thinking about all day, I see you with a tattoo now … but I also see you in a black robe. The robe is open though. And that reminds me of the ritual. Remember, the ritual we talked about that I started seeing visions of about two weeks before may 1… about two years ago. Remember? I thought I was being attacked.
Do you remember the details. Long black hooded robes but one was open. Several people in different locations all doing a ritual. .
3 in one place.

It is interesting that I see you in a black robe now in this circle of black with silver. It is interesting that I feel bound someway. Yet you have the tattoo and are not. You are wearing the black ritual robe and I am not. I am wearing white.
So you have the tattoo … you have the socerrors seal. I do not. You are the magician. .who am I?

You walked the gates … I have not. Yet may 1 of that year… all hell broke lose. I saw many things…
I saw you and I saw your looks change.
May 1 … walpurgisnacht …my birthday.
Taurus, venus …
I remember you saying " welcome to walpurgisnacht " I didn’t even know about walpurgisnacht …

I see a gatekeepers sigil too. In my new vision.

My vedic birth chart … Venus 3 out of 4.
The only other planet …the sun.

So where is this going? I feel no threat, from the circle. Just curious.

I feel a push and pull of energy kinda like a yin yang … masculine and feminine. . Circling like an eternal dance. Energy building and releasing … like a solar flare or a star burst.
I just keep going back to that ritual I saw. Something I can’t put my finger on. But that was when the necronomicon was being pushed heavily. Opening the gates … Belials black mirror was first being shown.
And now the necronomicon is mentioned again.

At any rate I’m not in a hurry to leave the circle, I feel there is a message there. I just have to still myself enough to hear it.


I feel like im pulled in a few different directions here…

Going against my own word is not something i take lightly. But something feels like its pushing me to do so. Im not sure if its you or my own self.

I feel like i know the reason for our conversation in the circle now . I can do it, of course. I havent used those exact skills in a while, guess its time to give it a go. I almost forgot what the war goddess does best. Need a few days the lwa are calling me.

I feel led to sleep in the first gate, The gate of Nanna … not sure why. Im sure thats not how it usually works. But i feel a very strong pull to do so. There was a moth caught between my necronomicon book and my gates of the necronomicon book. Interesting.

But i agreed to something you asked of me…and in that agreement comes responsibilities so im fine with that.

:rose: :rose: :dove: :dove:

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Not a circle its a sigil …

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Remember our emails?

Remeber when i said Beelzebub was my father and you said that you would have to talk to him about that?

Well i just went through a door… and Azazel said i needed to go through and meet who was on the other side …

Im assuming it was Anu and his wife…when i went through they were seated on thrones and asked me who i was.

I thought for a moment Azazel has always called me Arianna but i knew he gave me that name…

I needed one of my older names one that would recognised. . I said ***** ,

They took me into another room and i could stars and galaxies through the windows… and i could see the same planets set up on a table like my other vision

Then Beelzebub …Enlil came into the room.
They said they couldnt find her all this time. So Enlil was in line for the throne… but if the could find the actual first borns heir …they would be in line

Im not sure what happened to push Enki away …
But they say he cant do it right now…

Beelzebub apologized for the little lie but said he was trying to make me feel more comfortable …

If the one to inherit the throne cant then…it goes to their heir.

But … its like the snow white curse… the daughter should become queen but who hide the daughter? Why did they have to look for her… even Azazel when i first met him, said your the one we’ve been looking for. The old ones have been looking for you.

I know there are some pages missing to this story. Someone didnt want her to be found. Someone was being deceitful.

But who?

Who is lying ?

What do i do? Reach out and take something, that really isnt my turn yet? Is that betrail ? Or is it just stepping up to the plate?

Idc if anyone thinks im crazy either… well all go mad here :laughing:

Im going to figure this out though

It makes since that she would be her fathers Daughter and feel that lucifer is her but not her.

Looks like i have to dig deeper …

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