To undo unwanted ties to unwanted people

Ok I know this may seem like a basic thing to ask and possibly some others may have posted something similar but I’m writing this because I’m honestly at my wits end.

To give an idea I have this unwanted attachment link to me from this one guy back from where I came from. He honestly is a thorn at my side and basically a stalker in an essence that sees me as his and a servant of all things to him. I have did my best to rid of him and have done banishing rituals to even moving out from the state. I have only my clothes and a pillow that I took (and no I know for a fact he hasn’t touched or even seen this pillow). I’m honestly am just trying to move on from there but he seems to still have hooks in me.

So with a person like him and me basically did all types of cleansings and banishing any info or possibly ideas are welcomed. I know this eclipse is especially going to be strong so I’m planning on doing yet another on that day.

The best way to handle it is to focus on building relationships with these “wanted” people. Shift your consciousness, mentally and physically, in this direction and immerse gradually. Find things that interest you enough to be immersed in them. This is the simplest and best way to do it.

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I just posted something that touched on some ideas around this.

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