To those who have successfully evoked demons;



Hello there,
I have a question for those who have had successful evocations.
I would like to know how you are able to see a demon’s physical appearance.
Is it a visual image with your eyes closed during meditation? Eyes open? During a dream, or on the astral plane? While scrying with a black mirror?
If it is auditory, is their voice among your thoughts, or beside your ear?
If you have done so, please respond to this post detailing your experiences!


All of the above.


I see! When starting out, which of these came first for you?
And was it a slow progression, becoming clearer over time? Or a sudden reveal?


all but i see them in dreams or in my head while in the ritual the candles provide me strong proof off success when they dance wildly


its different for every one my first was camio it was a slow process when he appears i didnt see him but his energy was there n it was strong it made me have fear but, my second time with furfur i never saw him but i heard his voice it was gentle n the energy was very fuzzy electrifying really i loved how it felt i havent seen them in a ritual but in dreams n camio flys by to see me every now in again


For me it’s been everything from weird colors in my mind and an obvious presence to seeing both Astaroth and Lilith appear in a glass of red wine, Astaroth appeared as a viper that morphed to a python head where Lilith kept the form of a woman’s head. I’ve seen Lilith and Lucifer appear in dreams. Still working on hearing clearly but I’ve heard one of Lilith’s daughters once audibly. Otherwise I just go by physical touch and intuitive feeling.


Daemons appear in my mind both inside it and outside in the room I evoked them. Most daemons look like clouds of color and motion which is their energy and each one is different. If they want they’ll take on a less abstract humanoid form or some other form. When they speak It is like they are whispering in my head usually. But once I had a spirit audibly call me.
They also can touch me to some degree. I often can feel Lilith caressing me when I evoke her.
I can also feel pleasure when daemons have sex with me. During invocations I often feel like I am vibrating and spasming with energy flowing through me, which is a strange but extremely pleasant feeling. Taste and smell can also be stimulated too.


I get a mix of sound, moving shapes & energy in no particular order. Also see faces in the static and rarely in my mind… im a very poor visualiser


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Personally I’ve never seen demons during the evocation, outside of my astral sight, I’ve only ever seen them around my house after repeated evocations.
How you see demons depends heavily on your own talents and the areas you decide to focus on.


For me it’s all about the three trance states. Tgs, rapture, and crossroads. Then there are inner. And outer visions. Both are valid. Bit physical manifestation requires control over a certain astral fluid, I’ve seen called akasha in some books. I usually see it as a purple energy that balls up where I focus my attention. you control this substance with your mind. It’s the bridge between spirit and matter. The entity summoned can use this energy to appear to you. It can use this energy mixed with incense smoke, or a Black mirror or a curtain hanging.condence this akasha then enter the crossroads with eyes open, if the spirit shows you’ll see it


Mostly in my mind’s eye, doesn’t have to be during meditation. I’ve seen some random Gods and Demons around the house with fully physical manifestation but it’s not often. Surprisingly they don’t visit me much in my dreams, but I had an issue till recently where I couldn’t recall anything from my dreams (or if I had one), which currently is fixed. And as a welcome I got a dream with 5 Gods at the same time (not including my Godform). In the Astral I’ve seen some as well.

Hmm I wouldn’t describe it as “among my thoughts”, but “their voice inside my head”. Some times its hard to realise it’s in your head and not in the physical. Not so often beside my ear but it has happened.
I also get smells and energies, either around me or on my skin if they touch me.


Different for everyone. My detection is sneezing. And they can pop in just by thought.

Now active invocation:
Warmer body temperature, vibration of the body, sensing tingling on the skin, that euphoric near out of body light headed ness, and then there ENERGY BOOSTS and pain nullification.

I’m in ok shape but I know when and what times esp if I haven’t been running for say a month that a run can be off. I mean off good like almost sprintlike for me. I can’t normally do that for 30 min to an hour. It’s pretty nice.

Synchronicities are cool too. But I never try to rely on this or ask favors or make deals. I like being able to overcome stubborn obstacles the hard way. Only when I fall from mental to physical exhaustion do I consider it.

Tbh, I only call spirits when I’m horny and want to pleasure them. That’s about it. Well, there is this opening the gateway thing and I look into it. Mostly that is just meditating on the problem. I put up a pic of that gateway from India. I think it’s supposed to be metaphysically opened.


I have had some troubles recently Evoking so I started Invoking. What I do (I don’t recommend because it can fuck with your sleep) is I lay down and close my eyes and I start calling to the spirits eventually they come.

They speak to me in my mind through a process called “Subjective Synthesis” it’s basically day dreaming I have had some good results with it I haven’t really used it for material gains but it’s helping me get help with my energy flow and personal life.

But before when I could see them from evocation it was in my minds eye.


so for me its more internal then anything i hear them in my head when i call on them i have my success but ive hit a snag recently…i also for the first time saw like a dark orb idk what that was all about


It was a slow progression due to some energetic shielding I have. My clairaudience is my strongest sense though, and I hear the spirits speak both in my head and by my ear. I can usually tell where the spirit is standing from the direction of their voice. I have seen spirits in my scrying bowl, as well as in my mind but I cannot use a manifestation base where I am currently living so I do not see a physical materialization.


Adding on to this I guess I can still see them there is a fucking Imp in this corner at my work doing idk what and it fucks me up every time I walk near it (I keep forgetting)


So also adding more info since I just did my invo with my dear Lord Dantalion wen invoking its best to put your intent into it I was mad am still mad so he will b dishing some punishment out for me n protecting me n my love one families when doing it you can use any number of candles more then five is over kill tho

So during my invo I normally call his name n say come to me I beckon theme over n over but I’ve been using the Tenn lately to get better results n tonight was off the wall I felt his energy stronger then ever and the candles were flashing flickering dancing popping like crazy I asked him to ads peak on my head told him what I needed done me n asked if he could he always say it shall be done so I know it will be done but tonight was different from any other night I’ve done this I guess he could feel my emotions anger n hurt

Once it was done I felt like wind gentle blew passed me so this is new thought I’d share so yeah


Is there any way to curse my enemy and give her hashimoto’s disease?


Ask Dantalion he maybe able to or he can tell u who can he can play some mind games with ppl I know that