To the young aspiring gods in this forum

What is something that you would tell the aspiring gods on this forum? I feel like this forum is attracting more young people, such as myself.

What would you recommend to them?

Keep yourself grounded. And think before you post. For real.


Do not rush. Take your time to practice and develope your skills. It is not a race and a little patience can treat you well in the long run.


Learn and grow, agree to disagree


Always question your foundation lest they crumble under you.


You cant guard against what you cant see.

Dont go into the deep end without knowing the basics.


This shit is easier than you think it is. Trust Yourself.


learn to live in real world. young people are coming here as an escape of life troubles. what can possibly be trouble for young people? they probably are being drama queens over nothing. These days people are so sensitive. They got no tolerance for anything. They make big deal of everything even when us older generations folks see it as life lessons or not a big deal problem. Young people freak out over one relationship that don’t require magick.


Before plunging into the flame, learn to appreciate the fire.


Keep learning and researching.

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Never make any assumptions, learn from both study and experience. Be patient, open minded and keep yourself grounded, cause if you’re unstable then your world will reflect you and your world will also be unstable too.


Go hard. Take risks. Enjoy the ride. It can be bumpy


Aspire to be the best you and not something you’re not. Find who and what you are, not what someone convinced you to be. :wink:


For fucks sake, don’t pour hot water over a raw piece of meat and expect it to be a perfectly roasted Filet Mignon. Invest some fucking time to research and invest time for your fucking basics. And for fucks sake, LISTEN properly to what is SAID and not how you WANT to hear it.


Always have a healthy dose of skepticism, it’s easy to fall prey to self delusions.


Feisty. :wink:


No one here is an expert about you except yourself.

Some of us my have more experience than others but that doesn’t mean any of us know everything.

Think about every bit of advice before acting on it.

Mature up in every problem and critical moment,mature yourself in the progress and put tons of effort unto it,sacrifice everything if needed.
You are young,so i was,but there was a reason that i stayed,and you need too if you have this maybe addiction on magick,theres a reason,maybe you are the chosen one,i think you are.

Keep pushing and project yourself even if you dont feel anything or get anywhere if you fall into that pit of meaninglesness,keep falling but aslo mature yourself there and become the master.


Reminds me of a dream and a thing I practiced way back but mostly of a dream. There was this stereotypical hell with a lake of fire and burning souls screaming to cry out and various “spirits” keeping them in the caldera . I was sitting back on some rocks waiting for something and one spirit said… “looks hot yes? oH god I wish I could get out of here. Why god why?” I looked and commented “so, you think I should swan dive in, walk slowly in or find a way to launch myself into those inferno fire tornadoes all over out there? I mean they look the hottest but walking slow is a slow burn… eh its all hellfire I guess.”

it look at me like WTF? I choes the tornados and launched myself but when I landed I was on a big mat with a picture of hellfire in a room. was pretty funny tbh.

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Don’t succumb to “Magus-itis”. Just because you imagined it doesn’t make it some kind of supreme gnosis.