To the young aspiring gods in this forum

Don’t compromise your morals or ideas.
You don’t have to be grimdark just because this is “black magic”. If something feels wrong, it probably is.
Trust yourself.


Don’t be afraid to look at sources outside of the traditional occult for inspiration and wisdom. The art of war is arguably one of the best for how to think critically in situations where you have to layer rituals to manifest a result for example.

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Don’t expect to have the end goal handed within 5 minutes.

This is to be understood literal.

Yes, when you’re young, you have a lot of untapped potential,
and you simply want to learn, understand, and grow.

But each of these things,
is a process.

Allow yourself,
to enjoy the path.

When you only focus on the end goal,
you get into the habit of asking yourself:

Why am i not there.
When will i be there.
What do i have to do,
to get there.
I need to get there now.
Why the FUCK am i not there yet.

This is self-destructive.

And all it does,
is building limitations.

But think about it.
You came to magick because you wanted to OVERCOME limitations.
Because you wanted,
what default reality denies and consideres impossible.

So be patient.
With others,
but especially with yourself.

The More time you give yourself,
and the more you actually start using and applying that time,
to your own best benefit.
The better you’ll get out at the end.

And you’ll soon recognize,
that along the way,
things you couldn’t even consider when you started,
become possible,
get fulfilled,
even become such easy to have,
that you feel and sense abundance of it.

When you hit that stage,
of sensing that you don’t really need it anymore,
because you just can have it handed to you within the blink of an eye.

When you reached the moment,
where manifestation happens before you even roll out your circle and conjure the spirit to fulfill your request.

At that stage,
take a break.

Take the time,
when you’re there,
to reflect.

To look at how much you’ve grown.
Who you were,
and who you became.

Take your time,
to find peace and balance,
within you,
for yourself.

Not because anyone is asking you to do that.

Not because you read it here,
from me.

But because it’s what you had looked for,
and searched and requested,
in your early days.

Once you hit that stage,
and reflected,
you’re actually ready,
to handle advanced and difficult stuff.

Because then you can look back,
and tell yourself:
I’ve proven myself,
And there.
That i can manifest my desires.
That i can change the course of fate.
That i am capable of living out my godhood.

Once you’ve reflected upon your own success,
within you,
you’re ready to grow from that,
and become something,
your current self,
the young self,
considers either impossible,
or only possible through absurd selfdestructive commitment and obsession.

Don’t get me wrong.

Along your way,
you’ll see many who took the pitfalls.
Who stumbled upon their feet.

And it’ll happen to you aswell.

That’s just natrual.

But here’s the catch:

A master,
has failed more often,
then a beginner even tried.

And a looser,
isn’t much different from the winner,
in a competative enviorment.
They’re only seperated by a thin line.

But the Looser already knows the pain,
the suffering,
and the mocking from the people.

While the winner,
should he be confronted with the same shit the looser already endured through,
might break easily in half.

Think that was enough words of wisdom,
for getting a head start,
and sticking to a good self defined path throughout the journey.

Beyond that,
my suggestions are similar to what you read above:

don’t belief everything you’re told,
just because someone tells it.

Every person haves their own perception,
and understanding of things.

You don’t need to morally agree with everyone.

As long as you respect the people around you enough,
to take a break or find some distance,
when things get agetated to much,
you’ll be fine.

Even with massive entities like Oroboras,
or Satholas.

Just know,
that you can always change direction,
and go through another door,
and come back later,
when you’ve adjusted more towards what’s necessary for that specific field.

as beautiful as it is,
in the LHP,
to have access to almost all teachings of Eternity,
there’s just as many combinations a person can approch something on the wrong foot.

So as i said:
Everyone makes mistakes.

Be patient with others,
and yourself.

And allow yourself,
to get beyond those.

is how you achieve greatness.

that’s how you grow into full godhood.
Or simply become a powerful Magician.

Oh and definately use your magick to your personal gain and benefit in some occasions.
It’d be rediculus,
to have the power we have,
and not help yourself out sometimes,
when “shit hits the fan”. :wink:

Help towards other members of “the dark brotherhood” or “OAA” or however you want to call it,
should generally be protected by your actions,
since they’ll much likely be around and step in,
when you need help the most and don’t notice who specifically,
or how it got solved,

This is normally not forumlated out so clearly,
but basically,
we protect each other natrually,
to some degree.




Love these :smiley:


Sometimes I’ve got some truths, and not just shitposts.


Learn your basics inside and out. They will save your ass when the shit hits the fan.


Don’t become polarized. Polarization limits you in what you can achive. Things are seldom black or white.


indeed. :smile:

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Kudos for using grimdark (I have to nerd out)
“In all things do we take the example of Saint Drusus, who the Emperor saw fit to return from death to continue service in His name. We endure hardships, as Drusus did. We show no mercy, as Drusus did. We drive back the darkness beyond His realm, as Drusus did.”

Ok back on topic lmao. Nobody is better than anyone else. Practicing magic does not put you on a pedestal above the rest of humanity. Tyler durden put it best: "you are not a special snowflake, you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

Ego is a MAJOR pitfall of the path.


Everything isn’t perfect. There will be a lot of shit. Your life can very much full apart or get turned completely around, but it is also for what is best for you.

Learn to trust yourself. It took me a while to learn this it took me talking others and the confirming what I saw, felt, hear or just knew.

You will think you have lost your mind quite regularly work through it.

You’ll have a lot of moments where you are just like what the fuck did I get myself into.

I have also had moments when I was just like Ok. With what I was told because I just knew it was right.

Trust me sometimes you just do see where you life path is going. I think that’s the adventure in this all we never truly know what is happen.

Also, believe in your Magick. Magick is real even when it doesn’t seem like it is working. It will just don’t doubt yourself or work against yourself.


I use grimdark fairly often.
Usually right before I get those “post flagged” or “topic closed” messages. :laughing:

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I dont want to derail the topic but I love warhammer 40k bro xD. Working on a mixed Chaos Space marine/traitor guard unit for Killteam. IG is my shit though.

For the sake of this not being totally irellevant, that does relate to the fact you shouldn’t push too hard or use spirituality as a crutch for other elements of your life. Its far too common and obsessing over the path is setting up for serious failure in the future.


Don’t rely on drugs to enhance your magick. Crowley was a bad example. The benefits that you may gain are far exceeded by the negative effects. This advice will hopefully save you years in lost time.


Don’t underestimate yourself.

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