To look attractive

(24f)is there any spell for physical changes like growing taller or getting a sexier body. Which spirit do I need to make a connection with to help me look beautiful,sexy and attractive

Glamour spells, I use water, splashing, and sayings of what I want to improve. The results are small but grow.


Where can I find the list of spells over ?? I am new to this forum can u link it for me

Glamour spells are pretty common all over, typing in here or Pinterest should give you results.

Should I pray to Aphrodite for this particular purpose ?

If you feel that is right, I harness energy from Earth when I do them in nature and guardians in my bathroom, focus is important.

How do I set up a link with her ?? Do I need her sigil or I just need to mentally pray to her , I am new over here can u pls explain me in a short and precise manner if you don’t mind, sorry to bother you .

When your praying to her or using a sigil and you want to try to visualize her don’t visualize the most beautiful goblet you can imagine full of fine wine and let her show you her own vessel compaired to you making one for her, when you don’t play a part in what the look like they always appear more vividly, it’ll also help to make sure you connect to her if your read about her beforbyiu attempt to contact her she will probably allready be aware of you.


Thank you kind stranger, il do this. I just want to look more pretty and attractive and if that’s possible why not do it… Do u have her sigil ?

There’s no spell that will actually change your physical appearance, however I agree with Brand_New on glamour spells.

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Work out , love yourself , no spirit will mold you physically besides physical action , they can shift your subconcious and aura though ; which makes up a large portion of attraction , clothes and the colors you wear and body language as well



This is supposedly her sigil and hears a page about working with her.


healthy body means healthy looks . body is most attractive when you take care of your health. As for sculpting your body. it still has to do with strength training and food intake. attractive is subjective. you have to define what’s attractive /sexy to you. Your definition, not what the glamour magazines tell you as that change with era generation.

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Have you been working out? Start with that first.Then, learn to manipulate energy, that will come in handy.Qigong,neigong,tai chi etc can help.After that, learn biokinesis.

It probably won’t work though, good luck.

Yes I am working out , why do u think it won’t work… anything is possible , you can be do have anything if you have the mind for it…


Because it needs persistence %99 of people on earth will never have.

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Respectfully, I don’t think that pessimism is very helpful for her right now. But the rest of the advice you gave is awesome, so thank you 🤸


Beelzebab can help you with that in my opinion. Just ask him for increasing your beauty and see the changes in next couple months. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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Thanks man, what about your experience care to share ?

I haven’t tried any particular spells for Beauty With Beelzebab but i have heard he can do that. I did sexual attraction spells and had pretty good results. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

Wish you luck. :slight_smile: :sparkles: