To lilith

I would love if every one whom work with lilitth would like to say a pray every night with her at a certain time every night, Or maybe a couple times a work. what ever works for you so we can see and feel a difference if we all do it together. what you think?


I’m everyday very observant of the verses 43, 44 and 45 of the chapter III of the “Book of the Law”. Also, everyday I contemplate the holy icon of her that I painted and I sleep with that icon. Also, if she wants to take over the signal, I embrace whatever thing she wants to say to me that is obviously more important than what the other entities want to tell me. Also, everyday I do my best to keep a momment of privacy with her to practice possesion, because she is… intoxicating… in the most ecstatic sense of the word. , that is my cult to Lilith


Love that idea

What difference in what? What result are you looking for?

@anon45332789 Greetings, Maribeth! I’ve been working with Lady Lilith since 2018 and I could share some of my experiences about my magick work with her. First thing you need to be full clear and trust about it: your intention is the key for turn your magick work into a success. Pray to her is a good way to set a bond with her presence. But the number is not what really matters. You could pray every night to her, but if you are not connected to her, if you don’t feel safe about your work with her, your magick work will be wrong and unsuccesful. If you are really sure that Lady Lilith is the right one to work with, your pray to her will be listened for her. Try to be yourself on your pray. Talk to her like in a full comfy way. Share with her your fears, your wishes, your life problems, like if you see in her a close friend or a mother. I bet that if your intention is truly real and comes from your soul, our Dark Mother will hear you very soon. I really hope that your work with her becomes into a way that let you ascend into your magick path. My advice: trust in her and you will see the results very soon. Blessings to you!


Thank for you kind words. I do feel connected with her and i know she hears me. iv changed and so did my surroundings. i feel like i could be my self now because of her help. she has opened a whole new world for me.

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I have only contacted the Gracious Lady Lillith once, to ask that She match one of Her sons to me as a life partner. I was in awe when my ritual proved an immediate success. I am very grateful to Her and Her son. I do not know if it would be a show of Hubris to start worshiping her, as She was so amazing as to grant my hearts desire when I really was only stumbling into magic. I am unsure if i am ready or worthy to worship one such as She. I can only say that Her power is Great and She holds my uptmost respect and adoration.

Is ok if we talk about our experiences with her in private? I need to know some things about my work with her, and maybe talk with you will clear my doubts. I really appreciate that.