To gain Public Recognition for your Work

This post is to discuss what demons are suitable to gain more attention for a public project one undertakes.

I will be participating in a project that involves my work, now if it were to reach the right people I could possibly gain further clients and so would my coworkers. This project was commissioned by my Client who does not have the biggest of audiences, so I aim to possibly have the project gain more attention that initially anticipated.
Question is, who is exactly suitable ?
I have heard King Belial, as well as King Paimon and King Purson bestow additional recognition, upon researching further I do not find much else on it though. I have also heard Orobas is fantastic for social fame.

I have heard that working with multiple deities on one task can be insulting as they perceive you to not find their involvement to be enough on their own. How can this be approached best ?

The part about multiple demons on one task fucks with me too. Especially when you start brraking down the false dichotomy between angels and demons.

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No this isn’t an issue. Consider the massive gatekeeper working by E.A… what matters is your attitude or intention, if you bring the energy of doubt and fear into the working by worrying about such things, you are the one putting flies in your own ointment. The higher beings are not so petty, you could even consider that whoever told you that was the one insulting them by claiming they are. :slight_smile:

To do this, I assemble a team, and I assign one as a project manager who oversees and keeps the energy aligned. I will call 3 to 9 or 11 as these are magical numbers. I evoke the whole team in the same ritual literally like a team meeting and then you’re sure everyone is on the same page.

We have other posts but as usual when searching, hitting the right keywords to find them can be an issue. Look for business and marketing success posts.

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Oh this is a relief, thank you very much!

A team sounds excellent. How exactly do you perform this then? Is it then in the form of a pact that includes everyone’s names? Or a jar spell that is charged and done under the presence of each Team member? I see posts for evoking a singular demon at a time and I have experience with such, but I am unsure how multiple demons can be properly evoked and kept in the same place.

Marketing was the word! Thank you very much. I will be looking into this further now.

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“ I evoke the whole team in the same ritual ”

Are you asking how to evoke or how to evoke multiple entries? I personally iterate the evocation for each entity one by one until the whole team is present. Think of a business meeting: nobody walks through the door at the exact same time either, we arrive separately and grab a seat, right? Same idea.

I don’t use triangles of manifestation, if that’s what this implies. I feel the presences around the room whatever they want to be. Some are felt behind me, some in compass directions, it varies.

You don’t want a pact, that’s not the right tool for this job. A pact is a dual commitment for a long term working and you’d have to bring something to the table. Maybe you meant petition? A petition is a god option when you’re short of time, can’t evoke or are recording the wording for others to read for you.

Doesn’t seem like the right tool. Jar spells are often done on named targets, but I don’t know much about them. They are easy, low magick and I’m not a fan of trying to combine them with entity sigils that are not the target, but placed on the jar as if they were… this doesn’t make sense to me and seems a fusion method. I’m sure it’s fine for others, but I can’t work magick if I can’t wrap my head around the energy working aspects.

I’ve actually never done a jar spell, I think I also don’t want to deal with the mess myself, it seems a bit too fussy and adds a complication of when and how to clean it up. As someone that works with Nature Intelligences I’m certainly not going to leave such a thing littering the countryside or put a perfectly good glass jar in landfill, which I find irresponsible. Not a fan of those.

You could just try it and see how it works for you, but you’re on a time schedule, and you only have one opportunity, so I’d pull out the stops and go full ceremonial high magick and never have to question if I did enough.


I see. I thank you for this information! I was under the belief the enn had to be playing the entire time during an evocation, how would it work with multiple deities? Is the enn in the end only required for the evocation progress itself? Are candles for each needed? I’d just prefer to be sure and not mess up anything on my side as I’d like to pay proper respects as well.

I was not thinking of such at all, but thank you!

I believe a petition could possibly be declined as it is a simple request is it not? I am willing to bring something to the table like a proper offering for a more secure outcome.

I see what you mean with the jar and I do agree with it now in retrospection. I was simply just brainstorming ideas on my side what could be done about this as this is quite important to me.

No this is not a thing. Enns are only for the religion of Demonolatry. Most entities do not have enns as they are a relatively new idea, they have nothing to do with high magick historically, and I am not a Demonolater (I’m not religious at all) and I never use enns.

If you want to get religious about it, I would suggest using an enn one on one in a devotional sense, where you’re just one on one with the entity you are worshiping.

If you want to have some music, I recommend something binaural in 4 Hz to help you maintain a meditative state. I like Shamanic Journey Drumming tapes. We have a few topics on here for people’s preferred ritual music.