To do it or not to do it

Hi everyone! So here´s the thing: a tried to make a pact with Duke Sallos to get an ex-girlfriend to fall in love with me again so we could be together. I really didn´t felt anything but I keep asking him to give me a signal that the deal was accepted. Yesterday she texted me saying “hi, how are you?”, but I didn´t want to answer straight away so I waited a few time… Guess what, she cancelled the message. The fact that she texted is not that big of a deal because we kept talking as “friends”, until like 2 weeks ago when I told her it was better for me to stop talking to her, but on the other hand I´m scared that I may wasted a chance. Do you think I should text her myself? I was also thinking in working with Amon sigil, but I know that I shouldn´t contact her if I go ahead with that so that´s why I´m asking you guys. BTW it´s been a week since the pact.

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To make someone change their minds, Orias.

He worked flawlessly with me in December.


But do you think I should tex her before working with him? Just to know if something eventually changed?

Nah, the no contact rule exists for a reason.

Just work with anyone you chose and let the magick work.


why the heck would you wait and play games? thats’ gonna make them not care for you. Not to mention you told her you don’t want to talk to her. That’s clear message you don’t want anything to do with her. Ladies move away fast if you give hint of no interest.


Yeah I get that but she texted me. That was not the deal but could be a signal or a hint IDK.

And you don’t text back waiting . which means playing games. No texting back is bad communication. All kinds of misunderstanding running in her head. Even if she wants to be friends you just gave sign u not interested. And for some ladies, once they form that opinion of you. It’s basically over. No turning back.


Well she knows I like her in a different way than she likes me. That’s why I stopped talking to her, because she told me she didn’t want to hurt me and I didn’t to be that nice friend who will never be more than that.

Be honest friend not nice friend. Nice get you nowhere. It’s coward of real honesty. care for her like you care for her. Don’t be prejudice cuz u feel for her. treat like a human not cuz of labels.

Be a man. wait for no one. Tell what u want and move on if she can’t fulfill it. Stop wasting each other’s time. Woman don’t like scared people who’s iffy. Be willing to walk away instead of games. Direct communication. so no misunderstanding.


I know it’s playing games but I didn’t even wait half an hour and she cancelled the message! I could even not have seen.

maybe she gave u that half hr time limit . that’s why she cancel. cuz your not worth more time unless u prove u worth more time. All communication tells u how she feel.


She was clear that she didn’t want more than friendship that’s why I decided turned to black magic.

black magick do nothing if u don’t change how to communicate when the opportunity is there. It’s still socializing that require work on. Work on your social skills. That’s what keeps relationships or friendship. Magick only bring up chance for you to interact. U still gots to interact. common sense, no???

How can she show interest if you not interesting to her? why would she stick around if your not interesting? If you act the same your going to get same results. lack of interest from her. Seems your too focus on the goal instead of the process of getting to know each other or to explore life together.


I totally get your point and I´m grateful, but I tried to change before. I tried different sort of things to please her, did things that I did not when we were a couple and that was still not enough. I even think that she told me she didn´t want to hurt me because I was acting more kind than the usual. Then I thought that maybe I will need help to conquer her again.

that’s the problem, your begging. your doing things to please to get approval. That never works. Woman are not above you. They are equals. YOur putting them as higher status power position than you.

YOur not being yourself. Your acting. woman is not to be conquered. You need to re-evaluate your concept of what a relationship / friendship means.


That´s exactly what I did tbh. Deep inside I knew it wasn’t going to work but I just wanted to please her. Whatever, I’m gonna text her anyway.

Sad that she didn’t even opened the message.

Try this:

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Some advice for people that is proven. In a relationship crisis, turning to spirituality or assistance is needed sometimes as thats what i am doing to try to give an extra nudge. However if its a recent breakup or seperation, 1st step is to stop push behaviors such as crying, whining, pleading, and begging. 2nd step work on being the best you - you can be. 3rd step- dont cut off contact unless your other half does it first, unless youre fine with being broken up. 4th step if theres a third party, you have to make yourself the better person., someone doesnt leave another unless they think what theyre going to is better. Everything i just mentioned was learned the hard way. Now i need spirit help to change her mind because i know im better and know my worth… another thing, limmerence is an emotion that is more powerful than any drug, and the only way to combat that is thru spirit. @Lady_Eva if this comment isnt allowed here i apologize but i just felt compelled to give some insight from a psychological view.


then there is also the ’ she/he is beyond help due to stubbornness and stupidity. You can’t teach stupid. You know them. they keep going to abusers and they know it. They keep going to jerks. and they know it. clap your hands. lol Some people. no matter what you do . can’t be helped. They gravity toward bad person and run away from good people. It’s due to familiarity of bad treatment. That’s why some people you treat like trash, love you. Then when you treat them well, they run away.

That’s when it’s time to let go and move on to better people. It’s not you. your golden. its’ the other person being low level being. Might take several lifetime for them to get up to your level. =o)

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