To become a living god

Hello everyone,

I am new to the group, so i wanted to ask a general question in order to better understand everyone’s mindset and path.

In essence,

What does it mean to you to become a living god.
What is your reason for following this path.
What led you to this path in the first place.

If you have some time and wish to indulge me with an answer I’d much appreciate it and look forward to whatever answers you might give in the hope that it also helps me better understand my own path.


Hey. Search for freedom - is only driving force i personally know. And i guess reaching it is like become a living god. I’m new here new by my self - just became a member :slight_smile:


The reason I’m on my path is because its always been apart of me.

I was initiated by a demon who had a very heavy, dark, and cold energy. This energy also became warmer as he latched on to me. His presence filled the entire room and I felt embraced by him. Shortly after that encounter, I was approached by Lord Belial, and later, Lord Asmodeus. Then, all of the previous events in my life made sense to me on a profound level.

Long story short, demons have been around me my entire life. They approach me of their own accord. The demons were always nudging me towards them in interesting and sometimes morbid ways.

This question is irrelevant to me, as I don’t strive to become a “god”.


In the words of William Wallace. FREEDOM!!!


My higher self has always communicated to me through dream, planting seeds in my subconscious that eventually bloomed into a knowing of the path I was “destined” to walk…
Eventually, my “higher higher self” came to me in a dream, offering me kinship at the “price” of being eternally “hungry”…
To become divine is a never ending journey, there are always new heights to reach and new depths to plunge… I was blessed with a thirst that could never be quenched, a fire in my belly that could never be extinguished. To me, that is godhood. Eternal desire, eternal change. Infinite transcendence. Chaos incarnate. Mystery in the flesh.