To all Saturnian devotees

Saturn as Kronos eats his children. Interesting that when you translate this thread into Transactional Analysis terms. :thinking:

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I am the one, I am the highest God, lets try to solve this internet problem - Average Lhp magician

Ever since I heard that Dragon Rouge is in debt, (1 day ago), I started to not take kindly these ego games.

Whereas in their teachings they were talking about recreating the universe :man_shrugging:


There was a lodge I came across that was specifically Saturn related, and worshipped Saturn. Cant recall the name of it however. Aso, all the info I came across tregarding ONA was that they are assumed to be a neo nazi organization. Im wondering why.

Brotherhood of Fire and Ice came to mind.

This thread was…violent lol

Much of what you’re saying is very familiar to me. even the way you’re phrasing. Have you ever read the interview between Matilda the Air Force soldier and Ayril (sp?)?

It’s claimed to be actual released transcripts from Area 51. Every time I find a video of the transcripts, it’s gone, removed, and I haven’t found another version again yet.

But it’s almost like you were able to (in Ayril’s word via Matildas interpretation) break past your human prison and remember, in part at least, what they call your eternal being. Its an amazing concept if it isn’t just some online hoax.

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This would be the Fraternitas Saturni. They were a non-Crowleyan Thelemic order very active in the early part of the 20th century in Germany and surrounding areas. By “non-Crowleyan” I mean that they accepted the tenets of Thelema but didn’t really care for the Crowley worshipping bit. Much of the internal material of the lodge was published in the book “Fire and Ice” by Stephen Flowers, which has been re-released and updated as “The Fraternitas Saturni”. The organization itself has undergone some changes and its now known as Ordo Saturni, they have a website and something of a public presence, but as far as I’m aware there isn’t much online in English. You will fare better if you speak German. They have some interesting ideas about Luciferian Gnosticism, sex magic, and Vampirism (If you see the original 1922 Nosferatu silent film, you will be seeing the work of some of their initiates which explains the Enochian script in some of the props, as well as the similarity in appearance of Orlock to a being called GOTOS who you will learn about in your researches) They were formed by a gentleman named Gregor Gregorius, the magical name of Eugen Grosche, but were forced to go underground and ultimately disintegrated during the post-Weimar era and into WW2.


Thats the one I was trying to think of, thank you.

Yeah, seems a few groups in the land of snow and ice are being associated with current (ONA) or old neo nazi groups. Hitler was an occult nut after all.

And also notably Himmler. There’s a giant rabbit hole of Ariosophical esotericism that was very active during that period and it fueled many social movements and artistic expressions. Such things tend to rarely stay buried.

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