To all Saturnian devotees

Without a doubt, Saturn is “weighty” by nature. What Saturn has to offer you in this lifetime (from personal experience) really depends on your souls past Karma (since it is considered the Lord of this area).

I’ve heard of Saturn bestowing great power to those who simply work with its energies, regardless of intent. Others are at the mercy of its restriction and lessons, which has been my own personal experience due to my soul coming into this lifetime with a lot of harsh karmic baggage, having used the occult to manipulate and control others in past lives for its own gain, and making deals coming into this life to bring some balance to its unrestraint and extremes.

In its raw form however, it is a neutral energy. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter, because that’s not what Karma is about. It is simply “action”, and Saturn applies it justly. Powerful souls with malicious intent in these lifetimes making use of Saturns energies can easily find themselves not getting “comeuppance”, simply because they are doing exactly what was intended of them here and now, learning the lessons and acquiring the experiences they sought out to learn, while providing harsh lessons to those whose Karma it is to be on the receiving end.

Saturn can give you everything, and it can take everything, and each persons experience with it is unique. I certainly wouldn’t want to work with anything else. In its own influence on my life, it’s brought a deep humbling onto me, patience, acceptance of “what is” and very painful lessons. But after the trials, suffering and application of what it’s taught, you’ve prepared for anything. Exposure therapy amped up to 11. YMMV.

I’ve been enjoying J T Kirkbrides books on the subject a lot. Might pick up a copy of The Cult of the Black Cube as well now that it’s back in stock.


Thanks my friend. Great post. This gave me some new understanding. It was because of my own karmic restrictions that nothing else would solve that I dared Saturn. I was afraid of him first. Now in about 3-4 weeks, my life has started to change faster for the better more than it have done the last 1.5 past year or so. And it is most certainly VERY humbling to work with him.


Without a doubt. I was actually lead to learning more about Saturn due to discovering Lucifer making use of/applying its energies onto me to fulfil my souls contract/wishes in this lifetime for restriction and humility (it’s complicated). It started with just an interest with its influence astrologically, but has since grown beyond that. So I have both to thank for helping me reach where I am now.

It’s something I’ve noticed a bit here and elsewhere, where Lucifer, either with the practitioner being aware of or oblivious to it all, is drawn to working with Saturn’s energies in some form or another. And that includes both willingly, or by force.
Not always, of course, but it’s occurred enough for me to take note of it.


I would seriously recommend every old soul here to seek contact with the Saturnian sphere as it may be HIGHLY beneficial for your spiritual evolution!!!

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Fuck Saturn! I say this in a loving way, of course. It’s just a sphere where you have to pay your dues. Isolation, flirting with insanity. Very unforgiving and desolate. A Daturnian preacher. It very much depends on your astrological nativity, though. Saturn is corrosive, like acid, but he is the custodian of occult power and arcane knowledge

The Great Malefic of the Astrologers
The Black Sun of the Alchemists

As per Marsilio Ficino, the planet invoked to change ones destiny. Heavy, melancholic energy. Saturn isn’t fun, far from it. But he is heavy, dominant and crashing. Great for insight, detachment and self-control, but work with caution

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I guess it’s just me and the Aghoris who enjoys the company of this guy :joy:

Damn this is one violent thread,
Last time i debated with evangelical’s, It doesn’t even come near to this thread’s level of clashing and attacking opinions.

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I mean come on If you can’t even stand to people opinions and personal experiences thats bad.

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People maybe should read some Jung to understand what’s really happening inside them when this behaviour arises :man_shrugging:t2: Would probably shed some light on the matter if one’s really as enlightened as one thinks oneself to be.

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I mean if people who you are talking about read Jung They would percieve him in a completely different way.

Well they just had a different goal and path from yours, They never said they were as enlightened, Its just what their goal and path offered to them that made the person different from you. As you had a completely different path and opinions you perceived them as you did.

If i have to be a little straightforward. You are not open to their perspective and you think your path and “what you know and practice” are the only way As most of christians do.

P.S. Nothing wrong with being egocentric Ofcourse not egocentric in the way that blocks you though. Egocentric in a way “Individuality” and wanting to a seperate superior being.