To all Saturnian devotees

Hi! Is anyone here a devotee of Saturn that can tell me a little bit of personal experiences with the god? I’m getting interested in building a shrine for Him after having communed with Him for about 2 weeks. I’m particulary interested in His connection to the black sun and the nigredo phase. An instant effect of interacting with His energies for me was beginning to practice self-control and asceticism to overcome personal limitation, with great success. His energy felt cold, like it wanted to shape me to a cold black diamond, and He possesses deep dark secrets which He can bestow to those who deserve them. He seems very cold and harsh, and also demands respect and I don’t feel like this is a force you come to as an equal, at least not before winning His favour by giving gifts, devotion and conquering trials.

Please do let me know if you have some personal experience of this interesting force, and how it impacted you both in body, mind and spirit.

Best regards.


Tbh if you’re going to be a dewey-eyed worshipper of “Him” with a capital H that sounds very right hand path to me, and the opposite of Saturnian.

Ask any Aquarian. The planet rules that sign. And this approach isn’t one I recommend.
Approach as a free and individual equal. Fake it until you make it.

Nope - get off your arse and go get what you want for yourself. No handouts. That’s Saturnian.


Well, I guess you haven’t read any source texts or The Cult of the Black Cube. There are some darker entities that require you to prove your worth before you approach them as equals. We are all divine at our core, but at the same time, if we were fully realized gods and not humans, we wouldn’t need to do any magic in the first place. Anyway, I was asking about personal experiences from people that walks this path, not some childish and petty arguments about what’s “RHP” and “LHP”, and what’s not. I don’t care about stuff like that. I just do magic. This is just my impressions after barely 2 weeks of practice.


I would not consider any of those worth working with, period. The highest spiritual authority in my universe is me, nobody else. I don’t tolerate upstarts.

That has nothing to do with giving away your power by idolising random “darque™” entities.
Because, the cultish parasites you just mentioned can do even les than you can, because they don’t have bodies.

I AM Saturnian, I’m giving you Saturnian energy right now, and for all your fake “devotion” you don’t actually like it. :thinking:


You are only human and bound to limitations of the plane you exist on. The black cube is the great creator of all form by constraint, change, polarity and creation. The binder of all cycles and systems. All planes and gods are subject to his power on some level. The arrogance and self importance of many LHP magicians is laughable. Have some damn respect!

There are powers greater than you, magician, both spiritually and physically.


It’s such a shame that threads get destroyed by childish arguing instead of constructive discussions. With devotion I just mean offerings on routine and sticking to the work. And I don’t talk about mindless worship, I talk about the respect you give a mentor in something while you are just a novice that is trying to master something new. This fanatical “LHP crusade” some people does on the forum is utterly pointless anyway. I don’t understand who you are trying to convince. Maybe you should just ask what people mean in the future instead of being so eager to impulsively project yourself on your surroundings.


There’s no such thing as “only” human. A human is an entity driving a human shell. That’s what makes us powerful, as having a qi body is like having an on-board power station… it’s the forgetting part on incarnating that makes us weak.

So remember who you are. And stop giving your power away to things that are less than you. You made this universe and it’s just a part of what you made, and you are in all of it, so all these entities are also you.

That would be you then.

I’m literally asking you to respect yourself.

No, there is nothing more, and nothing less, than you, in your universe, and me, in mine, and they’re not the same.

Your dogma is what’s laughable.


Yeah, all I can see is an inflated ego.


We have very different views of how the cosmos works, is all.

Wen you realise you are everyone and everything, ego is irrelevant. You are also me. You are arguing with a version of you, that you created to see yourself from another perspective.


Humans are not simply shells, they are a form, bound to a plane. Your self-centric dogma that there is nothing greater than you, is an idea sold to you by a brand name that sells books on the premise that you’re “the ultimate god”. lol All I see is ego. Synchronicity and god complex are not the same thing.

Join the military and see how powerful you are. Center of existence, yet will get torn from this plane real quick. lol


Yeah, and someone who has realized that SPIRITUALLY, and not just intelectually by reading a Koetting book, would probably have other things to do than jump people on a forum.

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I just don’t agree. As an esoteric subject that’s not something we can prove or disprove. You’re allowed your opinion and I’m allowed to have a different one.

I haven’t read those books, I’m talking about my experience - I learned it doing Samadhi and related exercises, and talking to other people who had done the same, like E.A. Koetting.
If you have not had the experience, how can you talk about what’s real to you and not?

Also the word you’re looking for is “philosophy”.


Anyone can claim to have validating personal experience. Go ahead and challenge on of those beings and learn your lesson then, magician. Bet you won’t though; instead lecture me on truth.

A big concept of Saturn is humility and acceptance. You don’t rule Saturn, Saturn rules you.


As I said, that IS my spiritual experience. If you put yourself in a box, and make yourself lesser, as a creator being you have every right to do that, but I think you really didn’t need to do that.

It’s your game, play it how you will.

But your question was about being Saturnian, and bowing to others is not Saturnian with the “devotion” thing. You have to choose, be a follower, or be Saturn, I don’t think you can do both.


I don’t need to do any of that, and it’s getting rather off topic, you know you ARE allowed to have your own opinion right? You sound like xtians all upset that I don’t love baby jeeesus lol


Of course you turn down the notion of challenging those powers. Typical of black magicians, self validating talk with no action. “I don’t need to prove it, I already know.” If you’re all powerful, what problem would it be?


Dude, Turn down what? I already told you what I think and why. What do you want?

But open another topic for it, because you’re derailing this thread.

Oh, you want me to go have a pissing contest with some random entity? Why? To prove myself to you, as if you could even tell? Who’s egotistical again, now?


Well, I guess an admin can delete this thread now :joy: Thanks Mulberry. Next time I’m making a thread I will make it 18 years+.


If this thread is getting too derailed just have a mod lock it for a few hours. Im interested in what you find also.

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Sure, @Lady_Eva