Titles given by spirits

Does anyone here have any titles given by the nonphysicals? And if so, What are they?

I will list mine also as a reply just to make it fair.

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Ooh someone who uses the term “non-physicals”

And yes, I am the Lady of Glowing Steel. Lots of people here know that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ungrateful bastard?

Quite recently i keep being called Baal Daparu by the entities i’m working with if that counts.


The term nonphysicals includes all types of beings that are in the sense in not yet a part of our physical realm.

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Oh i know, i was just surprised to see someone else toss the term around. I use it all the time as a broad category

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I started using it in 2014…they like this term better than spirits. I also use the term beings in general also.

I’m going to write my titles down soon today.

My Titles given to Me -

Queen of the Shadows, Earth N Energy Sorceress,

Vessel of Ancient Instincts, Conduit of the Ancients, Voice of Many Realms,

Wolven Alpha, Wolf Queen, Wolven One,

Gatekeeper of Worlds and Realms, the gates, the keys to the gates, the keeper and guardian of the gates, gatekeeper of worlds,

a catalyst of the end, the vortex, the beginning and the end of the vortex,

princess of light, Noble of darkness, the earth’s life, angelic demon/demonic angel of the Shadows/balance,

Fae Queen, hybrid seelie/unseelie shadow elemental fae,
keeper of balance,

judge of all (including myself), the female cernu (the female horned one),
amateratsu, Wolf Raven, the Blood Serpent,

the one of everything, one of the keepers of the knowledge of the universe,
and more.



Hmmmmm now I’m curious where the line is drawn between epithets and titles. A lot of those sound like descriptors for connection, which i use all the time in my own life and practice. Like calling Lilith and calling her Lady of Serpents or calling her Wild Mother, to connect to her different aspects. They’re not necessarily titles, which imply authority, but epithets that describe the entity. Epithets are interesting too, because they can change from moment to moment.

I even used one last night that i had never thought of before for Azael, but I’m not entirely sure its safe for the server to post it here.

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I am not sure.

I know some are names and titles, some are just titles, and some are just names.

I am never called by my name given to me in this life except if they knew me in this life.


Azazel has always called me his princess

Baalzebub gave me a tierra and a crown and calls me princess.

the gatekeepers …Belial, Amaymon, Azazel, and Abaddon call my princess.
they also refer to me a being pure.

Azathoth refers to me as a title as well.

I am a goddess of war and healing.

I have others but not sure if I am able to share them at this time.


That’s ok. And thank you for sharing.


That’s interesting and I’ve wondered that. Its like if they call me by my real name its acknowledging my human flesh and giving it too much power.

My spirit husband calls me Princess. Parental spirits call me daughter or child.

My other names “The redeemer” and “Beloved of the beast” but usually just my Magical name.

Belial always calls me “Merciful goddess”. He is teasing me refering to my godself. I dont know who she is and im not suppose to. Unless i am literally Sophia. That would be a can of worms.

Edit: I forgot “god eater”

  • Child Of The Storm

  • Your Magnanimous Grace

  • Fellow Lilim

These are a few of mine that i have been called besides the obvious child of a deitiy :slight_smile:


The nephilim in human skin
The devourer
Prince of witches
The prince of lies


Represnetive of Null
Wise Fool
Dementional Alchemist
Old Young One

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I keep being called child, if that counts :joy:

I haven’t earned any titles to my knowledge though, unfortunately


No titles but The crawling chaos has a habit of calling me kid (cause of my age when i first interacted with him even tho from my point of view that hasnt applied for over a decade) when he is trying to get my attention.


What kind of power do you get with those tities ? Are you responsible for anything ?

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I’m unofficially the Firey One. I guess even a fire and war goddess realizes I can be a bit brash and aggressive.

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I remember that being a reference to something. I remember being called that too actually.

Edit: it’s the translation of seraphim.