Tiredness among magicians

So i’ve been talking with a bunch of other magicians on other sites, and one thing we’ve all noticed is a sort of tiredness… like legarthy, its more difficult to do things like astral projection or energy projection over long distances. We have been thinking its probably due to all the negative energy produced over the past couple of years, but I was curious if you guys have also noticed this phenomenon, or if you might have found ways to ward or shield against it or stuff like that. It’s not like a sickness exactly, but it feels to me like it could be a sort of spiritual sickness, or like a heavy cloak or something pressing down over us. We’re not like organized or anything so its not a curse against a group or single practitioner as far as we know. But things are definitely changing.


Hello. I have been feeling this heaviness since this past August. I have found it does not affect my scanning abilities, or my healing abilities. I have also found doing rituals inside an upright Pentacle negates this effect.


Not me, personally… not sure what this could be.

My own practice is going steadily along and I continue to improve. If anything there’s been the opposite, especially this year I feel lighter and more optimistic than I have in previous years. :thinking:


I had a period of inertia and exhaustion after I did the 72 project. I needed about a month to get my mojo back but I feel alright.

One thing it could be is the changing the seasons. I’ve noted there seems to be a correlation between solstices and my energy levels but this could be entirely subjective.


My energy levels become wobbly when it nears the full moon or the new moon. They’re best during new moon.

Find what affects your energy, and look for methods to work around it. It can also be burn out.


Maybe you are doing practices that are particularly difficult or challenging for you. Astral projection and dream practices have always been more difficult for me than meditation and ritual magick. If you get too fixated on the experience you want to have it can cause frustration to build up over time, which can make the practice more difficult.

With these kinds of things, I think it helps to remember that you’ll get there eventually if you keep at it, and also to notice what is enjoyable about what you can already experience.

If the groups you are involved in carry a lot of lethargy, then that emotion will linger like a cloud over interactions among the group. The more an emotion gets passed around, the stronger it tends to get. People also tend to assume that everyone shares a common pattern of experience, but often they just think so because their exposure to various social groups is limited. You don’t realize that different groups of people behave and appear differently until you are exposed to them to some extent or another. So what I’m saying is you are probably projecting your experience that you have had within certain social circles onto other groups outside of those circles but with some thing in common between them, in this case a topic of interest.

I’ve seen this sort of group-spread lethargy before among a certain group of university students. Many of them all speak with this lifeless, soul-draining monotone that sucks all the energy out of the room.

I suppose it is up to you whether this affects you. If you stay around people all wrapping themselves in the lethargy blanket, as lethargy is indeed a sort of warming and pseudo-comforting feeling, then it will rub off on you. You can prevent this, but you have to actively stomp it out until it becomes a habit, and even then, you’re still neck-deep in lethargy all around you.


I felt it many times, probably a mix of being actually tired (necessity ro recover some sleep) and indeed frustration, for workings either failed or requiring time to manifest… Also a paradoxical boredom: sometimes no ideas about what to do, in other occasions I’m overwhelmed and cannot decide.

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