Tips for Motivation/Productivity

having a very bored brain that has uninterst in everythin, finds something interesting then the effort makes me find it boring. currently searching for ideas.

I’ve been using servitors for this, actually the first one of the 12 month project I just released has heavy focus on this.

I have trouble keeping a pace that doesn’t burn me out if I am able to muster up the motivation to get out of my procrastination.

Taking up new habits is much harder for me than stopping something I’m doing that I don’t think I should be doing. I don’t know why, just that I have to pretty much force myself until it’s just a part of what I do.

But the last year or two, I’ve not had much reason to force myself. Nothing changes if I don’t become a better person or more productive…

So I’ve been using servitors, they don’t make me or make the change for me but they help me in the ways I need- reminded, reminded it doesn’t take that long if I just get started, etc.

Otherwise people say to fake it until you make it, and this does kinda work. If you force yourself through it’s not long till you’re done, and it’s like wow if I would have just done this or that to begin with.

Some people even* reward themselves, it seems to work, just telling your mind we do this for a little then we can do… w/e it is.

I grew up in a world if you wanted to eat, you worked, if you wanted a roof, you paid your rent instead of buying whatever luxury I wanted, so sometimes I think basic motivation has been hurt as a whole because people no longer expect to have to take care of themselves and their basic needs.

So idk, very bored is not something I equate with a lack of productivity or motivation, usually there’s plenty of interesting things and just don’t feel like it. Very bored would mean there isn’t even ceiling tiles to count for me.

Why are you very bored with everything? I get bored with things I suck at or that I’ve mastered, but that still doesn’t lead to a lack of motivation or productivity, I’ll set whatever it is boring me aside or hurry and finish it to get onto something I do want to do.

Basically, why do you relate boredom and a lack of motivation/productivity together because they are… hmm. Well if you have something you could be productive at, isn’t the boredom coming from not doing it?

So I feel I don’t understand the issue, but perhaps you could explain it and then it would be easier to help? :blush:

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I made an servitor to overcome procrastination at work earlier this year. It took a little while to take effect, but slowly but surely the effect grew. Its come to work very well.


Andrealphus tuned out to be helpful for me to overcome procrastination and help with motivation.