Tips for beginners in spanish?

Any tips for beginners in spanish? Specifically for for somebody that is mexican in the u.s.a. and is struggling from an abusive relationship?

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Not clear what you’re asking here, since the obvious answer “learn English” sounds rude, and isn’t much help. :thinking:

I was looking into a project like this but currently am too busy to pursue it.

Also I removed a duplicate post, pretty please limit posting about this, to this to this topic. :thumbsup:


No te rajas!

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Not trying to cross the line. I just really can’t find the answer anywhere else. I really don’t want to break the rules. Are these eBooks bilengual?

The question I had for this thread ties into the first question. A women that I care for is interested in contacting spirits because she’s living a difficult life. She’s mexican, so she can’t get much legal help.

Maybe she can make an account and ask you questions personally.

I don’t believe they are, try sending a message through the support desk to see if they have any suggestions.

Though to be honest throwing someone into learning magick, people come on here all the time needing help and most want someone to do the work for them, if someone on here busts their ass translating, I sense the possibility she may just say “well hey you know this stuff so do the work for me” and maybe some unspecified promise of future payment or whatever.

I’m not trying to be cynical, just going by the data, your friend may of course be an exception, but in my own experience it’s hard to learn a new skill when you’re panicked or desperate, and magick requires considerable self-control and ability to control one’s thoughts and emotions.

Can’t you talk her though the method below with Google translate and your own knowledge of the concepts?

It’s a good start, Belial may help her once she makes contact:

Oh. I misinterpreted the meaning of your question. I wasn’t paying close enough mental attention otherwise I would have realized you were asking for someone else and not yourself. I misunderstood thinking you were the native Spanish speaker. “No te rajas” is a Mexican euphemism used generally among males that literally translates as “do not crack”. What it means is “don’t let them break your balls”. I’m not Mexican and only speak a little Spanish.

This reminds me of an incident with a Mexican that I used to work with. I spoke very little Spanish and he spoke even less English. At the end of the day, I told him "hasta la vista."
He gave me a look like I was about to murder him.
It turns out that that is not the phrase to use when you just want to say “see you later.”

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If she is a complete greenhorn to magic and is in a desperate situation, she might be better off to find someone to do some work for her. After her dire situation has been handled, she can learn without dealing with the lust for results.
Maybe I didn’t use the search function correctly, but I could find very few good Magick books in Spanish on Amazon.

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Cross linking this, things like this may eventually help people in similar predicaments, also it’s my mish:

You’re the most helpful person I’ve ever met in my life.