Tipps about the sephirot and the path through it

In the Tree of Death u can turn into a infernal Vampire and gain quite a lot of power with that practice and those alchemies. Its really impressive but what is the Tree of Life equivalent to that?

Also other cool information that might give you a great experience with the Tree of Life and general tipps and maybe some secrets you might want to share are welcomed.

Generally i believe we need more information on the Tree of Life on this forum.

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There isn’t because it’s fiction, a modern invention that does not exist in the Kabalistic practice as it’s originally created.

Sure! Are you volunteering… feel free to post your travels! We’d love to hear it :slight_smile: It would probably fit quite well in the Right Hand Path category. #white-magick-the-right-hand-path


what do you mean by its fiction? isnt vampirism very real?

But is there something like vampirism and lycanthrophy thats less dark and more on the light side?

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Vampirism is real. The romantic notion of undead vampires that physically live forever and are beautiful are fiction. And there’s really no such thing as an “infernal vampire.” That’s likely something from a role playing game, and is actually a religious point of view, as vampires are often said in pop culture to be damned in the eyes of God.

You can take on such traits spiritually, but not in the material world.

Um…no. Vampirism is basically being a parasite that feeds on the life-force of other creatures, and unlike real parasites found in nature, which generally have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, human parasites rarely provide anything favourable back to the creatures they are taking from.

And the whole point of lycantrhopy is to descend into the basest instincts of a beast. That kind of goes against the whole RHP philosophy of rising above the human animal lol


Kind of. Energy working is real. Taking energy from another human is called vamping them.

“Becoming a vampire” is not. real. Some people are born with damaged energy systems so they can’t take energy from the same sources everyone else can, it’s a disability not a plus. If you want to take energy from another person just do it, you don’t need to disable yourself first.

I realise it’s edgy and trendy, and I have unpopular opinions, as an energy worker, about it. I laid them out here:

Somebody piggy backing on Kabbalah and making it into something it’s not is disingenuous to say the least, and potentially damaging to your ascension at worst. If you want to do Kabbalah learn Kabbalah from reputable sources.

For genuine info on “real” vampirism, look up the work of Michele Belanger. :+1: She knows her stuff, from personal experience.


I feel it is important to note that our modern idea of vampires was completely created by popular media. In ancient folklore, vampires were considered to be pitiable creatures, and were usually the deformed corpses of evil people, desperate to retain their grip on the physical world. They were never something to be envied, only pitied, until the publication of John Polidori’s short story, “The Vampyre” in 1819, which then inspired what is perhaps the greatest sympathetic portrait of a parasite ever written, Bram Stokerr’s Dracula, in 1897, and set the stage for the fad of being a vampire.


I think you made a mistake. Symbiotes are not parasites as a parasite by definition is something the exists off another thing without giving anything back to it in return. The parasite benefits and the host does not benefit (in fact usually the parasite host is harmed by its presence).

Partial parasitism like castilleja and grass is called hemi-parasitism to differentiate from the parasitic relationship where the host is harmed.

Symbootes are not parasitic (though sometimes they are partially so as in the case of Castilleja plants and their grass host plants). In a symbiotic relationship both things get some kind of benefit from the other ones presence.

Hemi-parasitism is usually characterized by a parasitic organism subsisting on another organism without causing visible observable harm or detriment to it while obtaining nutrients from that organism to sustain itself.

Add: sorry I just don’t like misinformation
:person_shrugging: parasites are not symbiotic their very nature is to exist at the expense of the other organism’s expense usually to it’s harm and detriment . :v:


Actually, yes, they are. Symbiosis is defined as " a close relationship between two species where at least one species benefits." There are 3 types of symbiosis as:defined in biology: Mutualism, where each species benefits from the relationship; Commensilism, where one species benefits and the other is unaffected;; and Parasitism, where only one species benefits. In other words, parasites are indeed a type of symbiote.

It’s a misconception that a symbiotic relationship has to be mutually beneficial.


Alright thank you that, i will look into her

other than that , what do you think about one self initiate into the qlippoth ? do you view it at something against our ascent ? Kabbalah in itself is very RHP by default , so i try to look upon kabbalah in a LHP lense, do you think is it an error ?

It’s basically doing shadow work. There’s no rule that says you can’t investigate these energies in yourself and by yourself, in fact I think it’s highly beneficial: know thyself. I used jehannum’s pathworking notes that are on his website, but there are books you can use as a guide to get started.

Knowing yourself IS ascent. It’s important that you do.

Not it’s not. Qlipphoth is considered the “sinister” path which means “left hand” path in Latin.

Personally I think the left/right hand path is overblown and a red herring. Humans must balance dark and light, yin and yang, self and service to exist and keep ourselves and our communities healthy.

Put it this way healthy boundaries are important. Take anything to extremes and it causes ill health, that includes extreme freedom, which is anarchy and chaos, and extreme control, which is imprisonment and slavery. One extreme is just as destructive as the other. However each breeds the other…

remember the Tai Chi Tu, always a spot of one in the other, it’s not a contest, it’s a FLOW, yin becomes yang becomes yin, constantly creating each other. Both are good. Both are needed. In balance.