Tingling in my forehead

It itch all day and I feel sensations between the eyes on my forehead I read somewhere that it opens the third eye but I don’t want to open any third eye nor I dont practice these methods to open some third eye can you please tell me why this is happening? I read that the third eye also means good intuition and good vivid dreams and visualizations and visions, but I’m really afraid that this third bullshit will open.
What does it mean this sensations on forehead guys.

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For one, your third eye is already open. It’s never been closed. That’s a common misconception.

If your afraid of it for some reason, then just practice regular grounding. Seems like your feeling energy in that area? Not sure. I experience this too alot.

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Yesss I experienced energy in this area and I am scared what it means

It means your feeling energy, you’d need to actually work on your third eye/senses for anything to improve.

Bro I’ve seen videos where people say they opened their third eye and saw spirits, etc. I really don’t want this

Well then don’t focus on it, ground yourself, stop worrying about it.

If your not putting in the effort to actually work on your senses then I don’t see why you would start seeing things…

I think your overthinking and worrying about things that you don’t need to.

From my knowledge, the tingling and pressure is the energy movement/build up there…BUT if your not actively USING your senses then they won’t get stronger. It’s like with muscles.

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Absolutely Yes So dont focus on it Its just a energy You know from July I am in spiritual awakening so I am freaking out sometimes in these days


Understandible. Just try not to overthink things, that is what’s causing all the anxiety. If you need to, take a break.

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When you throw a cat in the open field or a place it does not know, its first instinct is to find a place where noone can get the cat from behind or a corner.

The new place may not necessarily be harmful, but as always new environments give anxiety, and it is completely normal.

I say on to you, jump, and let the fear take you

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