Tingle feelings

Hi there everyone so I recently did my first meditation but I’m quite confused and hope I’ve put this in the right spot.

I keep getting weird tingles and stuff it almost feels like someone with long nails is tickling me from my feet and legs and upper and inner thighs to my back and everywhere on my torso including breasts. It’s not sexual or anything just feels like someone or something is exploring me…all the time XD

Can anyone help me with who or what this is, I don’t mind it and it’s not uncomfortable I do quite like the feeling. Still wanna know who’s doing it though,


Did you do a straight meditation or did you attempt a connection to an entity or someone?

Just straight up meditation I didn’t wanna try make a connection to anyone or anything yet because I’m very new to everything and believe I’m not ready for it

  1. You had a powerful reaction to someone in a photo, just met, seen on a train, out and about like love/lust at first sight recently?
  2. Having lots of recurring sexual dreams same person?

Strangely no I’ve not had any sexual dreams, the dreams I do have make no sense, especially the recent reoccurring one I’ve been having.

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I know you can get sensations from being in meditation, deep alpha and theta especially if you are visualising as well. I was trying to explain a couple of things for myself, you might need to check on google.

I’ve had forehead kissing and kissing all over in and more recently out of meditation.

It’s so weird but it also feels nice makes me feel like I’m not alone especially when I struggle to sleep at night I feel little tingles on my head like someone is stroking my hair and stuff. I just wish I knew who it was if it is someone so I could thank them for it.

Did someone in your family you were close to recently die?

No no one has died recently that’s certain could my desire to contact an entity even without their sigil ignite these sensations? Even if I do not wish to yet?

If you have a connection firmly in your mind and heart, then yes, absolutely. You are in a receptive state while meditating. And that entity could be just encouraging you to reach out to them to when you are ready. If that’s what you think is going on, thank that entity for their contact. And if you want them to stop just tell them you will reach out when you are ready, and for now you would like to focus on your meditation.

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Ah I see that might be the case then as I have been want to work with Belial even since I first started out but thought maybe meditating first would help me I might draw his sigil out and meditate with it maybe it will help

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Haha. I’m gonna take a wild guess that’s him. :smile:

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Does he tend to do this and be all touchy feely? XD like I said I don’t mind aside from him I have also thought about Lilith and Lucifer but belial has been the main focus point of my thoughts recently

Did you read Book of Azazel? EA had interesting things to say about Belial. My own experience of him is just that he’s not a passive demon by any means. If you have a connection with him, he’ll be there for you.

I haven’t yet no, where do I go read it? If you don’t mind me asking what he’s like?

This is my experience with him:

I haven’t worked with him after that, but I know we have unfinished business. :sweat_smile:. Use the search bar and search Belial as well. There are plenty of others with experience with him.

If I were you, I’d just meditate on his sigil while repeating his enn. Ask him for to visit you in dreams, and he more than likely will.


Thank you so much ^-^ I’ll try do that tomorrow night :slight_smile:

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No problem. Good luck!

Thank you! I’ll be sure to pop back on and let you know what happened

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What you are experiencing is very common energy flow sensations. The meditation likely either made you aware of the energy already flowing through you or simulated the energy and cleared the way for it become more active and noticeable. You can probably recreate this very easily by focusing and imagining a dense mass of energetic light swirling into your hand and condensing there as you breathe and you will soon feel similar sensations localized there or anywhere else you focus the energy.