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People get demonically possessed against their will all the time. People get possessed by spirits against their will all the time. Lucifer entered Judas and made him betray Jesus. God of the christian bible hardened mens hearts to do things. If black magic isn’t for doing things against peoples wills then why is it a dark art… I keep hearing you can’t control peoples wills but thats historically not the case with a spirits help.


Because dark arts doesn’t really mean edgy teen who likes forcing people to do things. Dark arts is a term coined to fit those of a less moral high. Also I wouldn’t call things Jesus and God did as historical since that’s claiming there’s documented facts and not religious he said she said.

While you can do such, it doesn’t work on everyone. Some people have nature protection and way stronger wills than you.


So you’re telling me you consider the bible historical fact? :thinking::man_facepalming:


I get people have stronger wills than others but whole civilizations have collapsed and been destroyed by fallen angels who have been their Gods. So if they can make a whole civilization collapse or sacrifice thousands of people your telling me that they can’t make a person do something they dont want to do. I just don’t feel that a human can out will a fallen angel or God… We are ants compared to their power.


Im saying the lesser key of solomon which everyone uses as a base for working with Demons is from the bible so their are historical facts in it. They just removed it.

That’s more from a religious or he said she said point of view, it’s not historical fact. However, yes people can outwill a God or Demon or Angel. It’s fine to think highly of them but don’t think less of humanity’s individual wills because of being human. That’s from a stance of ignorance, as many people have pushed back either or with their own will.


Lol so were out here working with biblical beings and using the lesser key of solomon one of the great kings of the christian God but the bible has not truth in it… I guess im crazy.

The keys of Solomon aren’t historical fact and not everyone follows it just a handful of LHPers who base their experiences off it.


They’re not biblical beings that’s the thing lol.


This is where we got all the sigils that we use. Regardless.

Like @Rung said it doesnt work on everyone, some people have a huge defense shield from their birth but those shields wont be up 24/7 there will be a time for that person to get a chance to get hit by the magick so then you may have a chance there

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So exorcisms work why?

Not all of us use those sigils to be fair. That and half of the people that work with those sigils can’t tell if they’re contacting the actual demon or something made up by the human mind.


Maybe not but they are widely the standard to working with demons and do work. If demons found them to be disrespectful or not accurate they wouldnt show up.

And if people using those sigils are just making things up in their mind then that just debunks the whole practice of working with demons at all.

No it doesn’t. Not everyone uses those sigils and those sigils have been public for years. There’s many things tied to those sigils other than the demons themselves because of it. I think you’re confusing things on your end.


Mostly beginners dont have the knowledge what they are dealing with in their first summoning they might be correct or they might be wrong

Im saying I’m part of alot of witch forums and every single time I ask about working with Demons people go to the Lesser key of Solomon or start posting sigils from it. Yet when ever some of the bible being accurate gets mentioned people will break down their whole belief system in working with these demons because they don’t wanna admit that the lesser key was taken from the bible and if its true then some other parts of the bible must be true. Because these demons show when you use the sigils. Im not saying every part is true but we have to admit that its not coincidence a piece from the bible that was taken out helps us communicate with these beings. Like it or not.


I mean I’m not speaking on the Bible stuff I couldn’t care less for the Bible and people’s use of it. I speak on the demons themselves, then you have people who are “does anyone know this demon” and they get convinced it’s a well known demon or entity. I’m someone who believes atleast 90% of the experiences people have with the goetia demons, the archangels, some of the Gods are some random entity they were convinced it was.


So are u saying people are making stuff up or spirits are showing up impersonating demons?