Time distortion

Just another random newbie post. Has anyone of you experienced time loss during meditation/rituals? I have a really good internal clock, but lately have been losing time in meditation it seems.

(link to last experience here BALG Meditation Log In - #895 by ShadowEventide )


Many times ^^


Glad it’s not just me then :slight_smile:

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That’s a common occurrence when you manage to go into the deeper brain wave cycles, particularly in Delta.

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I haven’t read/heard much on delta. Will look into it.

You might want to do a little reading on all the various brain waves, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta (not in any order). Each brainwave will help a magician in programming themselves, as well as opening the third eye for various tasks.

There is also something called “binaural beats” that you can find on YouTube. These are tonal beats that, when listened to with headphones, will take your brain into the desired wavelength. I often use “deep theta” for meditation, and it’s WAY easier than spending years and years in meditation practice to get that deep.

Eventually, though, you’ll want to try it without the sounds once you’re used to the feel of that frequency. Once your brain has experienced it a few times, it’s much easier to drop into it without the sounds.

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i had been ignoring BB as i didn’t want a crutch, even though i realize this would be a longer process of trial and error. I’ve seen mention of RB’s book on Energy ways. Are there any readings you would recommend?

Scratch RB’s book from this as it has little to do with states and more to do on energy manipulation, distribution, and breathing.

It’s really not a crutch so much as a tool, and as I said, you eventually get to a point where you don’t need it. All it does is help you get into the desired state quickly until you’re used to it.

It could be you’re already in deep meditation if you feel like you’re losing time. Or you’re being abducted by aliens. :wink:

I experienced time distortion during astral travel, if I remember correctly it felt like 30 minutes, it was more like an hour


Very common during astral travel. It’s happened to me a lot – a few minute trip feels like hours, and vice versa.

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