Time and place to invoke the Great Lord Lucifer

Today I tried to summon Lucifer in the forest where nobody would dare to go. I drew his sigil and the pentegram with four white candles and one orange. (I have read that orange is also one of his colours) Then I meditated, closing my eyes and spoke his words"‘‘Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer" I felt a tingle on my left shoulder and breast and a branch fell somewhere, also stones rolled down somewhere. With my third eye I saw a white tunnel and I believe I have seen something.
Did I something wrong?
Is it not good to evoke him in the forest?
Can you give me some tips please?
Can you evoke Lucifer also at day?

Sounds fine.
If you keep reading this forum you’ll notice everybody’s experiences are different, the fact that you got something that your intuition tells you is significant is the main thing - don’t get hung up on having it match.

Yes you can Lucifer in the day.