Tiktok catching spirits on camera

Pretty cool how our tech keeps advancing. I kept seeing videos where people pick up spirits with the special tracker filter, so I decided to try it. My experience was pretty awesome.

- YouTube

Before pouring your heart out to a spirit in the privacy and sanctity of your own space, consider TikTok’s other features:


I saw this comment coming. I should have made more clear the way I’m going about this. I appreciate you looking out for me! Simply just using it to catch them on camera. I communicate with them by other means generally, just wanted to see if the app was bs or not.

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Not to worry - we’re not just assuming what you’re up to… Thousands of other people will see this thread, so you don’t necessarily know who will find the warning helpful. :smiley:

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Good point. I understand we’re not supposed to talk about politics, but regarding this topic it’s worth investigating. It’d be great if the tech that’s responsible could be reproduced without needing tiktok, then added to the tech we already have that helps record spirits.

I tried this out with my wife and kids a few weeks ago after seeing a video about it, the filter on the app goes off of light actually, we noticed certain items in our house (chairs, lamps) lighting up as thermal, the room with my altar and that I do my practices in lit up the same effects when I had the light on, once I shut the light off in complete darkness it didn’t pick up anything in my house, so based off of my experience with this, it’s just mumbo jumbo filter tricking people with light sensors :pensive:

I honestly think it’s bs, that filter is meant to do things like that.

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