Ti jean petro

Anyone have his veve?. Thank you.


That’s a real Bad, Bad, Boy. Be carful.


Noted. I will take precautions

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Is ti jean petro a lwa that could possess another individual to make them do anything? Or is he more specific. With what he is willing to do. And what could i offer him and how would i ask him that he would cooperate

Divination is the key here. He will tell you what he wants if he wants to work with you.

Kalfu might be the Lwa who could give you what you want. I’m not sure about Ti Jean Petro. But both of them are pretty terrifying.

Kalfu has been around me before but more for possessing me. Im unsure of what hes willing to do for me

There’s a ritual for him to possess a target in The Spider and the Green Butterfly.

The black pen trick?. Im aware of it

That’s what it’s for.