Three people needed for free spellwork [closed]

I channeled a new bit of tech that is aimed at reality manipulation/manifestation. I have a basic understanding of how it works but I really need more practice. For that reason I ask a tentative number of 3 people to lend me their permission to help them change reality for their benefit.

All I ask for is feedback. Any strange thoughts, feelings, experiences, and of course whether or not I could fulfil your request.

(Image removed at post author’s request 21st Dec 2020)

This is just a basic outline of what ill be using. Along with this.
If anyone is wondering I call the sigil in the picture the “Magickians Hexagram of the Pleroma”.

Comment your request below or pm me. Ill choose the first three I think ill be able to complete successfully.


I’m down for the experiment.

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I’m in. I’ll PM you.

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Oh I forgot to add the work will be done within 3 days

What kind of requests are you looking for?

My request, should you choose it, is for money, specifically, $1000.

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I’m down as well.

If you’re ever looking for more to experiment on, I’m down!

I feel that sigil is powerful imo

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I hope so! Thats the point lol.

Seems like a triangle of manifestation with more lines added. I guess that’s the basic work of the sigil above.

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Essentially. Its focus is on affecting the energy of the physical. Manifestation is my weak point hence why im offering free practice.

Cool man. In the best sorcery is your own.

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I felt a really strong energy on my hands as soon as I saw the sigil!!! I opened it again after a few minutes … the same again!!!

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Once I understand it more ill put a thread on here at least going through the basics. Same thing with the Negative Generation Engine I linked to. Heres another pic going more in depth to part of it

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Pls add me

I personally cast my spells either inside an inverted pentagram or a triangle. Inverted to symbolize spiritual forces being manifested to earth and triangle for as it is know as a triangle of manifestation.