Three free public readings 🔮 - Part 2

Hello :slight_smile:

I will do three public readings again - for the first three people that comment.
(Still cleaning my PM-Box :grinning:)

  • The Reading will be public, so please just ask if you are fine with that and if it’s not too personal for you.
  • You can ask a question
  • No questions about spell work, spirits/entities, health, past life’s, death.
  • I will look into current situations, not so much doing future predictions.



Hi… this seems repetitive

what should I do in my actual case of love?

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Okay, I’ll ask:

General reading about the close future. Thanks.

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General reading, please! :smiley:
(I changed my mind, it can be general in terms of self and identity???)


It does… I think I already gave you a reading about this.

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dont worry, its not the same question; just its that case, the rest of my life is fine

I know but I think I can’t tell you much more from what I told you 6 days ago.
I mean, I can look again, I am just saying, I think I already told you a lot and I think you should think about that and consider what could be helpful. Work on yourself, giving the situation time etc. :slight_smile:

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Did I miss out?

General reading about everything

So… here we go.

You need to start loving yourself again. Grief is totally okay and healthy but before you don’t feel better - and you will feel better - there is not a chance for reconciliation. Because it’s important for you to be happy and love yourself in order to be in a healthy relationship.

Love yourself and know, that you deserve love and that rejection from one person does not mean, that you are not lovable for others.

It’s worth the effort because you will feel much better in the end. Respect your feelings.

If you want reconciliation, don’t forget yourself while focusing on your partner.

When you grow, there will be new possibilities.

I know it might seem impossible but it’s not and it will happen. You will feel better again :slight_smile:

You have the choice between responsibility and desire. You are responsible for yourself and you have to accept her decisions. Although you might feel like that’s not right and it hurts. Have trust into this situation without compulsion.

Seems like you don’t appreciate what you have at the moment enough because you are very focused on the negative tensions.

You can grieve about your loss. Let your feelings out. But also accept that it’s over for now. In order to have a chance or a new beginning you have to end the past.

As I told you… I think both of you need some time to work on your selfs, to meet each other again with a „fresh coat“.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:


Seems like you have a clear vision of something you want. You feel attached to it. You want to achieve it on your own and you think it’s important, maybe not just for you.
Seems like you isolate yourself in order to work on this matter. It seems like you are in temptation because you felt some kind of power.

With the couple, kind and queen of swords (mother and father in this deck), this could also be a hint of a relationship that could be important in this matter, but not necessarily.

It’s good that you are determined. But be careful how you talk and treat other people in order to reach your goal.
The isolation is good for concentration but don’t forget your social life at all.

Your spiritual search is helpful.
It’s like a little challenge for you which gives you passion for it. But don’t forget or sacrifice yourself completely although you might feel the need to put your all into it.

You know what you have to know. But you could try to things from a different or new perspective sometimes to keep an overviewe.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:


Feedback would be appreciated btw :slight_smile:

@Fraterdarco @ReyCuervo and others :smile:


What do you mean by that? You want to know about yourself?


Still have some time.
And while waiting for Susannes reply… ^^

…what is your question?


I would like a general peek into my life, if you would be so kind :slight_smile:


I am a little afraid to see women with coins and hearts :joy:

Let’s see :smile:


I’ll take the advice.

As for the general observations, this is the most accurate reading I’ve ever had. At one point I was thinking you would say my legal name and ID number :wink:

But yes, you’re right in everything. Only one thing…

I really didn’t understand this.


Thank you very much for the feedback :slight_smile:

Maybe the confusion is because of my English :sweat_smile: I meant that „power“ can be dangerous sometimes because it can change your mindset. So still care for the „normal and small things“ in life. Is that better to understand? Haha

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