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Why the sudden inflow of threads that are soley for thanking a spirit? I’m wondering what the basis for this is, aside from lofty new age ideals. Traditionally physical offerings are given to spirits when something is recieved from them. Very few of these threads offer anything of value; not the steps taken or methods used, no actual experience from the working, and some not even a clue as to what was given by said spirit. The only reference I’ve ever seen to public thankings are with folk saints, and even then it only applies to a few, and that itself is a more recent practice. The vague references to thanking demons I’ve only seen from a small handful of modern magicians, and it has no basis in any grimoire. Sorry for the rant, but every third or fourth thread is a public thanking these days, on several forums (some of which have banned them for their uselessness). A word of advice, any goetic demon will gladly take a physical offering over a thread an a forum any day, at least from my experience.

I’d noticed we have quite a lot of them on here recently, at the moment I don’t see any major problem with it, because it demonstrates actual magick, working for someone, which is exactly what a LOT of newer members ask to see.

StudioArcanis banned it recently I think, but they don’t have anything like the same tradition of posting works-in-progress as this one, nor is it a forum friendly to beginners who may not have any idea yet what magick is, whether it’s real, and can work, etc.

If this bothers people in general, let me know - we could create a pinned thread somewhere where people can post their thanks, that way the spirit still gets its namecheck and it’s not distracting folks?

Thoughts, anyone? :slight_smile:

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a Pinned Thread would be Great,

I agree that There is Many Thread of this Kind, i myself posted many, Most of the Time, for me though, the Working Cannot Be Posted, I apologies if my Numerous Thanking Thread have Bothered Anyone,

Best Regards

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My point is, if any experience can’t be posted then what purpose do they serve?

I don’t have the ability to run a poll in here but if people can let me know thoughts, I’m going to PM Claidheam as well and maybe we can sort something that suits - well not everyone, that’s probably impossible :o) but works better for most folks?

For me its Just a Way to Show my Gratitude to the Entity that i have worked with, and Also to Show People that Working with this Entity give Result.

But i Understand your Points, and i agree with you on it.

It shows that the spirit worked for you, yes, which beginners probably appreciate somewhat. But the biggest question I see from beginners isn’t if a spirit does something for someone; the mains questions you see asked are “how do you do…?”. Or “what were your experiences with…?”. There are a couple people I correspond with who I help (at least as best I can) with working through the Primal Craft books, and the things I get asked the most are what my experience was with one of the rituals of technical questions on doing the ritual itself. So these things are what I base my opinion of what beginners find most helpful.

As for the public display of gratitude, the only source for this I’ve read, in relation to demons, is E.A. Granted this is his forum, but he is still the only source I’ve seen who says to “spread the name” of a demon as an offering. But the spreading of these spirits names is done on forums made up of people, at least most of them, know who already know the names of said demonic spirits.

And saying nothing more than what the spirit did for you, well I can look in any grimoire and see what their popularly attributed to. I’ve posted before about Marbas as well, in relation to him helping me with gaining mechanical knowledge for my job. But the main reason of said post was to explain the physical offering I had made for him using the mechanical knowledge I had learned to give others a springboard for ideas on their own way they can approach offerings.

I think the public recognition is good. The problem concerning spirits like demons is that people expect them to be scary monsters due to Jewish/Christian/Islamic religions. This helps in the way of that.

I think a pinned thread would be great! I can see where it may bother some because it dosent have much useful info. But I think sometimes the spirits or demons like the shout out. I know I got a personal thank you for mine. Anyway just my thoughts on it.

I value posts which say, “I evoked demon Y and charged him to manifest X in my life. And he did it in the following way…”

Not everyone is interested in posting their daily life or life story on the boards. I can respect that.

Personally, I love these sort of threads- I always read them. Success stories are cool in general, and also its really useful to know which spirits helped with specific problems- good to know for future reference.

Agreed that a pinned thread sounds like good idea. I know I myself have posted a few of these and will most likely do so again in future.

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Because “sticky thread blindness” is a real thing (I have it myself on other forums, hah!) and we tend to tune things out, like banner ads, I just want to round up this thread by saying there IS now a nice pinned topic in General, Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

Complete with info on how to post a photo or sigil, so please, for shorter “Thank Yous!” pop them in there, obviously longer descriptions are still good to go in their own thread. :slight_smile:

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Hi all. Been locked out of my account for months l finally remembered my password. I wanted to thank Halah-thor. I asked him months ago to help my work pick up. Which manifested very quickly. I also asked for a career change for my wife. She wanted to work for n the mental health Field. She had no experience but n this field. She decided she wanted to be an RBT. But every job opening required a college degree. So the fact that my wife is starting this coming week is a miracle. Just wanted to pop on and show my gratitude!!!

Hey, just a heads up, this is not the thread for thanking spirits. It’s the discussion that lead to the creation of this one: