Thoughts on Tim Rifat

Thoughts? One of the best magickians on the planet, or scammer or madman

Yeah there’s a reason this is one of only two comments in nearly 4 years:

His whining about Crowley’s work is fine, but everyone knows there’s blinds in Crowley’s work. There’s blinds in the Golden Dawn, in Grimorium Verum - you figure it out. So, we make it work anyway without his permission. At least Crowley tried to teach and explain shit in his many books. Tim Rifat wrote 3 books, all on Remove Viewing, that’s it.

I’m not saying he hasn’t got some skill, but 4k for a one day course with him is ridiculous. He gives nothing away for free, but does a lot of smoke and mirrors demoing without explaining anything. Everything he does is basically an advert targeting the rich.

Furthermore there’s nothing he can teach you can’t get for yourself free and learn with hard work and practice, which aren’t optional anyway.

Less than impressed.

The video is from 2019 and has many comments.

Anyways apparently according to him katy perry sold her soul to lucifer and he somehow made lucifer give katy perry him her soul.

Well ,never hear of him. Probability my friends in Europe less, but if he talk too much and not go to point for 4000, i probably go to italia, Hong Kong ,spain. and get a good magician. And results,

You must have changed the video after I started watching it. The one I clicked on was from Sept 2017 and had two comments.
Don’t even try to gaslight me, I WILL call you out on it.

THIS is the original video you posted - where else did you think I got the comment from, really?
My YT history:

This 2nd one is the one I might have seen before - same deal. It’s pretty funny the way to claims this dog is doing what he says - after it starts going it. That more than anything convinced me he at least exaggerates his ability.

Yeah, no. Grandiosity gets you nowhere with me.
“Believe nothing you hear, and only half you see.”

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He’s British and claims to be “Illuminati”.

If you knew anything about magick you’d know you can’t sell your soul. I suggest you search it up here and read the arguments sometime.

So this is complete bullshit on all the levels:

  1. Katy Perry’s soul is just fine where it is
  2. Lucifer would enter into a pact with her but his deal is empowerment not enslavement - that’s the rogue god yhwh’s bailiwick. he’s the selfish one that has a hissy fit if you talk to other gods than him, as if we cared.
  3. You can’t broker pacts on behalf of other people without thier full conscious permission and participation

The more I hear the less I think of him.